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Judy Murray & the 'Murrays'- Why So Mistreated By UK tennis people, press, ppl?

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Does anyone know anything about the many titles, pre TOUR, that Judy Murray won within the UK, or abroad if any, as she is said to have won everything she could at amateur level and above, or who she beat or played etc etc etc as I'm writing some articles, ebooks, ibooks, etc etc concerning the lady herself and the way that UK tennis, reporters, many of the public etc etc has been consistently mistreating the Murrays, which has robbed Andy of the self belief in his awesome game and prevented him from fulfilling his complete potential as a player, given that just about anyone who has ever seen him play well, or even train, cannot think of anyone better.......ever.....and the best of all time fear him and say that he is awfully difficult to play against always and that when he plays well he is nigh unbeatable - with huge variation making pre planned game plans impossible to implement, and an amazing grasp of tennis, tactics and an innate understanding, often seen in him moving before his opponent actually hits the ball, of where the ball is going to be before it gets there so that he is usually there, or thereabouts, the great majority of the time.

Anyhow, I'm going off subject a wee bit as one can get when discussing the Murrays and the way that the UK LTA treats them now, as multi Grand Slam winners in their own rights (as Slams being the 'ONLY' titles worth winning as the UK tennis world, press and most people shout to the Murrays overwhelmingly and recurring) and at how the crippling vilification and on going abuse of the most remarkably talented, and extremely hardworking, Murray family and mistreated and oft misrepresented 'Supermum' that is Judy Murray who herself was one of THE very best tennis players at the only levels that she was able, through black of funds only, to play yet is now viewed as the very best coach and identifier as well as developper of young talent in tennis today.

Yet she is still as vilified and misused, by those in power at the LTA UK and many of the tennis scene not to mention the press and public, as her most talented and gifted son, Andy Murray.

I would appreciate any info on these subjects etc and will give anyone who wants it, and who helps accurately, named dedication in anything that goes public in any manner or type and will give financial renumeration, wherever it is requited, to those who help markedly.

I do not look for financial gain from this but I think that there is great scope for many publications of this content, in many forms, due to the necessity of the material being 'out there' to attempt to redress the many wrongs done to UK tennis' greatest 'lights' for the present and for the future of tennis in an area where we are definitely NOT 'Great' Britain!

If anyone wants to send me anything in private my email address is:-

[email protected]


[email protected]

I would be donating any and all incomes from these projects towards any cause that Judy Murray herself chooses and will give all who assist, and/or are members of this site, free access to everything that I write and publish on these subjects.

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sorry don't have stats you require but do agree with most of what you say.i believe the greatest gift to british  tennis we have had for many years is the murrays ,  we are very lucky to have judy murray's  family involvement.   maybe when LTA stops looking for people who go to" right" schools we may get a few more world beaters. that is a sad, but true  fact about tennis in this country ..
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