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Judy Murray fears tennis will not capitalise on Andy's success


It's a good call by Judy. Sport England have threatened to cut back on funding to the LTA recently if they dont raise grass roots level participation...and as an LTA trained high performance coach myself I say rightly so.

The misallocation of funds in my opinion doesn't relate to the lack of coaches, or quality of coaches... or the will for players to want to play... it is the structure first and then access.

In my opinion, money would be better spent on tennis management and training those who are passionate about organising sporting events. The LTA must develop sport for the love of the game, not just at the elite level... because, i may well be a better player than the person beginning their tennis experience, but that does not mean that they love the game any less than I do... in all fairness, they probably love it more.

So, such organisers must be found, trained and then it is up to the LTA to begin a scheme for 1/2 day, full day and 2 day tournaments and social tournaments at all levels. Not just in the local park, private clubs should be prompted by the LTA to get on board by opening their club to the public at least 1 every month or two, so that people get the tennis experience at a low, not-for-profit they are so desperately waiting to have.

The LTA must provide this simple pathway.

Tennis must become the sport for every man, woman and child. For f*** sake it's what Andy would want.
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