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Question: who should be Andy's next coach?
Martina N - 16 (34%)
Bob Brett - 1 (2.1%)
Matts Wilander - 3 (6.4%)
Leon Smith - 2 (4.3%)
Darren Cahill - 6 (12.8%)
Greg R (for the serve) - 3 (6.4%)
Andre Agassi - 10 (21.3%)
none of the above or below - 3 (6.4%)
Dani Vallverdu (by request) - 1 (2.1%)
late contender - John McEnroe - 2 (4.3%)
Total Voters: 47

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who should be Andy's next coach - with a poll

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Re: who should be Andy's next coach - with a poll « Reply #150 on: May 12, 2014, 11:53 AM »

I've added Johnnie Mac to the poll given he's the name in the frame right now.  Not sure what I think of this idea.  He is my favourite player from the past and could perhaps be good for Andy's game - in particular encouraging him to come forward more and use his skills at the net.  Fleming said yesterday that when he first saw Andy as a teenager he was the young player who most reminded him of JM.
But would they get on?  I just don't see it.  I think sparks would fly very quickly and I don't trust Mac to be discreet with the media in the way Lendl was.  As against that I suspect Andy will be wary about getting too close to his next coach after being let down so badly by Lendl.  It does seem that the loss has hit him emotionally.
And of course it doesn't seem likely that Mac would be able to give Andy any more time than Lendl said he could so what would be the point when Andy clearly wants someone with him for a good chunk of the year?  Nevertheless it's intriguing that Mac has expressed interest.
Yeah ... I was unsure at first of the JM fit. Now , tho, i think its probably better if they are not best mates. IMO Andy really needs a coach who doesnt take any crap...has his own mind ...can see the flaws in Andy's game... knows how to correct them...and makes Andy correct them.

If his decision is based on getting someone who 'gets on well' or 'likes a laugh with his mates' its a recipe for under achieving. Im tired, as a fan , of just seeing such a talented player underachieving ...he is at a critical juncture..kinda like winning his first slam. And yes ... I think he is now underachieving... and he knows it. He is approx 27... prob 2 yrs left at his peak.

IMO Andy is far far bettter than ... a 2 slam champ. He should be looking at a haul at least the equiv of Djoko.

JM , IMO is the best name that has been mentioned thus far. Certainly the best pedigree.

Even tho people would say its harsh to say the above...I am fully aware of dealing with bereavement .Ive experienced that 1st hand several times. Its tough ..but there is no better tribute to close relationships than getting back on the horse as quickly as possible and achieving the best you can.
Remember all those (and JM was one of them) who said Lendl and Andy wouldn't get on, clash of personalities, etc - and how wrong they proved themselves to be!

On thinking the matter over I think JM would be good for Andy, and the one almost sure thing is that they would not be best mates, and everybody all pals together, largely because JM doesn't strike me as being that sort of person, and also I think Andy has learnt a very painful lesson from the break-up of his relationship with Lendl and I doubt he would want to go down the same road again. The bottom line is that the player is the employer and the coach the employee, so whilst it's obviously desirable that they get on and have respect for each other, as it would be in any work situation, becoming close buddies is not a wise idea and I think Andy got too emotionally involved with Lendl and paid the price when Lendl suddenly announced, without any warning apparently, that he wanted to go off there and then and do his own thing.

The one thing about JM though is his commentating commitments.  How could he coach Andy at Slams and be a commentator at the same time?  Something would have to go and I somehow can't see JM giving up his commentating because he obviously really enjoys it and I believe he's an excellent commentator too.
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