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Andy at Cincinatti

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Re: Andy at Cincinatti « Reply #195 on: August 15, 2012, 06:42 AM »

Hope the knee niggle.... confused makes Andy play really aggressively so he finishes all his matches winning very quickly and easily yay

MM: brilliant story still  lmao
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Re: Andy at Cincinatti « Reply #196 on: August 15, 2012, 07:02 AM »

Hi All,

Andy needs to win tomorrow. It would make me happy for obvious reasons, one being that it will stop Barry 'never won a match' Cowan spending the week going on about it.

Cowan implied today that Andy could struggle with Querrey tomorrow, what with it being an early round, the implication being, presumably, that Andy struugles in early rounds. Someone should tell that to Wawrinka and Davydenko.

Don't get me wrong, Querrey might not be a walk in the park tomorrow, but I will be damned if Cowan is going to get chance to gloat all week, he's obnoxious enough as it is. One of these days someone is going to remind Cowan how many matches he didn't win in his career. To listen to him you'd think he'd won a couple of majors at least. Hateful man!
Can't stand him either tj.  But he does have a point in that Querrey has already played a number of hard court matches and is on a bit of a roll whereas this is only Andy's second and he does have the knee to contend with.  So if Querrey is every going to beat Andy [that final a couple of years ago notwithstanding as that was an aberration] it's probably in these kind of circumstances.  But like you would love to wipe the smirk of that man's face -and permanently.
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