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MC R3: Andy Murray vs Stanislas Wawrinka


Hey guys I got theory but don't wan't to say just in case I jinx Andy.  Whistle
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Wouldn't it be a bit pointless playing endless ATP 250 tournaments when he can only count the scores from 2 of them? As I understand it he has to play the 4 Grand Slams, The 8/9 Masters (Monte Carlo counts as an optional one), 4 ATP 500's and two 250's. surely his 250's will be Brisbane which he won, and Queen's where he is defending 0 points this year.
I really do think given his knee and his fluctuating back problem reducing some of the tournaments he plays in order to preserve his body, and give him longer on the tour is eminently sensible. We have to be realistic the lad is not getting any younger. Clay seems to be his duff surface, I doubt very much if that is going to change now. It seems far more logical to focus his efforts on the parts of the season that suit him, in much the same way that Nadal hoovers up most of the Clay Court tournament points. I would think it is a strategy game he and Lendl are playing. Let the others knacker themselves out in the Clay Court season - it surely means Murray will be fresher for grass, and have more left for the hard courts.
I also wonder, given what the conditions in Miami were like if that tournament and the brutal final took more out of him than we realised. It certainly did Ferrer in. Our lads not super human.

As for returning to London I would strongly suspect its to do with picking up his OBE. He also seems the sort who needs to touch base with home every so often. Perhaps he wants to see Ross H, sign stuff relating to his new hotel, celebrate a relatives birthday/anniversary - who knows.

He has had a really good start to 2013, he has screwed up his first Clay Court tournament (just after a brutal Masters win), an outcome that shouldn't be surprising to anyone on here.  Tennis at the higher levels seems to be very rough on the body. I really don't see what the issue is here.

Murray delivered that awesome Gold Medal in style (didn't Saint Fed lose 2, 1 and 4 in that match by the way...!!!), and followed it up with the US Open. As far as I am concerned he has paid his way. Anything else will be a bonus. Another GS if possible, but its not essential. As he himself said, if he had had to stop and never play another match after the US Open last year he would have retired happy and fulfilled. Lets just try to relax a bit, and enjoy him when he is on form, rather than getting so stressed about a predictable loss.  He got his first Masters for 18 months two weeks ago, and reached a GS final. The lad is still on track.
Good posting!   Incidentally I've just checked out the Investiture ceremonies so far this year, and these were held on 25 Jan, 13 & 20 Feb, and 26 March, so from the general time scale the next one should be coming up fairly soon.

Hey guys I got theory but don't wan't to say just in case I jinx Andy.  Whistle
Well if you don't want to tell us then why bother mentioning it? Smile

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I couldn't agree more, well apart from the slams bit. A few would be nice, for him though, not for anyone else.  Furthermore, it was only Andy's third loss this year. A bad one, sure, but hey-ho. He won Miami in tough conditions, found a way to win. He just couldn't find a way yesterday. End of.

I agree I wouldn't turn down some more slams - if be could just manage Wimbledon, then the whole nation would appreciate it. I suspect when he pulls that off, he will also get a bonus Knighthood, and Sports personality of the year. A bit like those adverts on the shopping channel, (which I stress I only catch in passing), when you buy one thing and gets a couple of other bits thrown in.

Not managing a particular surface is not unheard of - couldn't Lendl beat grass?  We also need to look at this loss in context. That Miami final was brutal, less than a fortnight to recover is not so much. Ferrer didn't even make it as far as the tournament. Ferrer can manage clay, but is not noted for his success on any other surface. 1 lone Masters and then only because every one else wasn't trying too hard so they could get across to the WTF.
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