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Question: What will andys ranking be @ end 2014?

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Author Topic: Murray's Ranking  (Read 263166 times)
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Re: Murray's Ranking « Reply #8070 on: Yesterday at 03:18 PM »

Has Wimbledon got clay courts? I've never heard them mentioned before?  If so the plan sounds more sensible   Living at home  yet being able to practise on clay and being within easy reach of his medics

Wimbledon has got some clay courts. I have a vague recollection of Andy using them in the past, but I can't remember when.

More generally, in terms of Andy and the clay, I think it's been pretty well established that Andy's game is ideal for clay. It's his movement on the surface that has hindered him. I don't expect miracles, but I do think it's reasonable to remember that Andy did play well on the clay in 2011, having his best years at MC, Rome and RG. Then he hurt his back, and we all know that has impacted on the clay more than any other surface.

I still feel Andy has time to improve on the clay. I still think he might surprise a few at RG this year if his back is as good as it can be.
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Re: Murray's Ranking « Reply #8071 on: Yesterday at 03:57 PM »

I still feel Andy has time to improve on the clay. I still think he might surprise a few at RG this year if his back is as good as it can be.

I hope that you are right teejay! He could do with the confidence lift of some good wins even if not lifting the trophy before he goes back to the grass?
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Re: Murray's Ranking « Reply #8072 on: Yesterday at 11:56 PM »

If Nole has tendonitis, he will be out for weeks, if not months. Won't be able to train, practise weight lift etc which will undoubtedly effect his performance when he returns to the tour.
If Nole has tendinitis that badly he wouldn't have been able to play at all, so I'm optimistic that, unless the second MRI scan shows anything more serious than the first one did, he'll be back in the foreseeable future, although there is a possibility he might be advised to skip the entire clay court season, and having had this condition myself on three occasions (right elbow twice, left shoulder once) I reckon I do know what I'm talking about.

You don't win matches without the hard graft that goes on behind the scenes. Andy has missed these tournaments in order to put in the hard graft.
He looked exhausted during the second set against Nole, leave alone what he looked like against Foggy.
I've felt all along that Andy came back too quickly and should have left it until after the AO, particularly as I recall Lendl saying that he had really pushed himself in Miami and had felt tired for most of the time he was there, so is it any surprise he was exhausted and now needs to take a four week break from playing competitively?  MC wasn't on his agenda anyway because he knew he would have to play in the DC tie against Italy first and was well aware that his body probably couldn't cope with playing so much tennis at this stage of his recovery.

Andy wouldn't advertise it, but it's possible one of the reasons for this "break" and staying in the UK is so he could see his back specialist, check that everything really is fine, and perhaps work on some new exercises to strengthen it specifically for the rigours of clay.
I'm sure a six month check-up would have been on the cards, and also Andy did say that he intended to use part of his time off doing some of the more rigorous training he had been unable to do in Miami.   However the fact that he's been seen regularly practising on clay at Wimbledon suggests that all is going well, although as Andy himself said recently, perhaps not quite as well as he thought it might - but then again maybe his expectations of a full recovery so soon were unrealistically high?  That, of course, is pure speculation on my part, because I've never had to have back surgery or indeed surgery on any of my joints.
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Re: Murray's Ranking « Reply #8073 on: Today at 06:04 AM »

He probably had to have a checkup and having had 2 hip replacement recently I can certainly relate to 'high expectations'.  I am always being told to slow down by the nurses at work but still become frustrated.  I know I am older by a long way than Andy but that makes no difference to the attitude as I also want to be as fit as possible.  My physio said to me that people of my age usually just want to be able to drive and shop but I want to get back to swimming, walking and cycling.  I have a lot of sympathy with Andy.
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