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Second Part of the Year


I will respond just to say that Andy has two slams already, like AM, but Conners won eight and was a dominant players in the sport. I want Andy to be at the top where he belongs. He may have gained something more from Jimmy C. It was only a suggestion made in the press. Please remember that Lendl had done nothing as a coach either before Andy. So Conners did not help Roddick or Sharapova. Sometimes the partnerships fail. That is not relevant as he may have been able to help Andy. I am not certain of it either.

However Andy sees AM as a good member for his team so we have to hope that it works well for him.

Aileen, your last post is excellent. I read the forum for your wise and well written posts. As you say the next few weeks will be interesting. A pity that I will miss a lot of it.
Thank you for the compliment MA.  I'm sorry though that you'll have to miss seeing how things go for Andy.

I know that one can never be sure until it actually happens, but I never saw Connors as a coach for Andy, but then perhaps I'm biased because I always saw Jimbo as a rather self-satisfied oaf, although I did enjoy his tennis - when he stopped fooling around long enough to play it!
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Well Andy's second half of the years has been quite outstanding with 3 wins and back to number 6 in the world rankings. He can still better this, thanks to qualifying for the World Tour Finals in London O2.

If you look at Andy's year in more detail it has been a good year however you dress it up.  58-18 is a very good score line. Now forgetting Davis Cup for a moment and just looking at ATP & Slams. Andy only had two matches where he went AWOL and got beat by Giraldo (#46) at the Madrid Masters, and Stepanek (#42) at Queen's.
All his other defeats came from the following:-
3 defeats by Novak Djokovic
2 by Nadal
2 by Federer
2 by G. Dimitrov
1 by Ferrer
1 by Roanic
1 by Cilic
1 by Joe Tsonga, all these players are currently in the top 12. Andy has subsequently beaten, Cilic, Dimitrov and Ferrer in the third quarter of the year. Lets hope he can win a few more matches at the O2 and finish the year in the top five, ready for a slam winning year in 2015!
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Thanks for that encouraging info dex.
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So Andy is playing next week

And I did try and post a picture but my file was too big and I don't know how to reduce it on this tablet old sorry

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