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Iran stumbling into war

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Boo hoo hoooooooo :'(

Re: Iran stumbling into war « Reply #30 on: March 06, 2012, 11:30 AM »

Obama simply has to choose the less worse option - war or breaking an alliance. Either one is a risk to his election but looking at the Republicans, he's looking pretty comfortable.

I think the US will probably offer some limited military support but nothing major.

I don't know, it could be pretty close - Romney will likely be the Republican candidate and we've seen his ability to wage a massively negative campaign with pots of cash. If the economy goes back down and the negative publicity is strong enough, it could go back to the Dark Side. nervous
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Re: Iran stumbling into war « Reply #31 on: March 06, 2012, 01:42 PM »

I hope there is not a war. We UK are involved in two wars which we have been dragged into by the Americans. I will never forgive Blair for getting us involved, so many young men killed or injured and coming home to cuts and even losing their jobs. I agree Iran is a threat but if Israel bombs them I am sure the Americans will participate mainly with logistics. The middle east will be in turmoil with Arab states wanting to have the bomb too. Saudi Arabia is looking to buy nuclear weapons now. It is time Israel made some concessions about a two country state going back to the old borders (1966) I think. If this does'nt happen soon we could have the middle east in turmoil.
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