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Update on Daniel's petition


Thought everyone who so supportively signed the petition about Daniel Petka might appreciate this update:
Help protect children - share to reach 200K signatures for the mandatory reporting of child abuse

1 Nov 2015 — I write to ask for your help as we approach an important milestone in the campaign for Daniel's Law i.e. the mandatory reporting of concerns for the welfare of a child, by staff working in regulated settings.

A year ago this week, on October 29 2014, we were promised public consultation on this important matter and it finally looks set to commence in early December 2015.

In collaboration with pressure group Mandate Now, and with cross-party political support, we now intend to combine our petitions and deliver to parliament in November. We are working together to generate as much media attention as possible in order to ensure maximum impact; we hope this might include a debate in the House.

Daniel's case clearly highlighted the urgent need for new legislation requiring the mandatory reporting of child abuse by people who work with children, as already exists in many other countries. Everyone needs to understand the critical hole in our law - there is currently no legal requirement for anyone working with children to report suspected or known abuse either to the local authority or to the police. Although child abuse is of course a crime, reporting it remains – unbelievably - entirely discretionary.

In Daniel's name - and to assist, support and protect the professional staff who care for children, but who so often find it difficult to report concerns - please share this petition once again, and help us achieve 200,000 signatures for parliament.

Children can't stop abuse, adults can. Sooner or later, another child's life will depend on this.

Thank you.



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