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News Thread

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There was a couple who lost their 9 year old child. According to them he was an excellent hunter and regularly went hunting on his own. He went out one morning and they found him hours later. He had slipped and shot himself in the head. The parents blame the gun. They seem to believe it malfunctioned. What did the crying mother say at the end of the programme? "Make sure any gun you buy your child is safe". She's learned nothing.

There was also a ex-soldier who lost both his legs and an arm in Afghanistan and he's teaching his 4 year old daughter how to shot. You'd think he'd never want to see another weapon in his life but apparently not. A young child should be feeding squirrels not blasting them with a gun.
That kind of mind-set just beggars belief.

Also I detest the 'shoot first, ask questions later' attitude of the US police, and they're allowed unrestricted use of tasers as well.  In one programme I watched recently a policeman continued to taser the 'criminal' he'd apprehended until the man confessed to having committed the alleged offence, which was that of stealing a car.  Unreal!
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