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Andy Murray vs Novak Djokovic, Wednesday night, Est. time - 1:30am BST - Discuss the match
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 on: Today at 04:42 AM 
Started by Connor - Last post by Apollo
Looking at Frauderers draw tells me that the organizers are hoping for fed to win his 18th GS. Makes me so mad. All the years fed has played he's had no real competition till Novak, Nadal and Andy came along. Then he had competition. So sick of listening to the commentators talk about how great he is. Yes he is a good player, but an arrogant one.

Sorry had to rant after watching all the Frauderer stuff they've had on during the Open.

 on: Today at 04:35 AM 
Started by Ruthie - Last post by Apollo
Lovely video thank you. Remembering how great Andy is.

Andy under the lights, with the Andy boys in the crowd cheering, I know Andy will come out ready to play his best.

Good luck Andy! Come out with confidence and great belief in yourself. You know how to beat Novak, you've done it in the important times and you can do it again. We will all be sending you good vibes. Stay focused and ready to fight for this match. Love you Andy.

 on: Today at 04:19 AM 
Started by Shooting Star - Last post by Aileen
Gitootoma Wei

 on: Today at 03:49 AM 
Started by laundry - Last post by Aileen

 on: Today at 03:36 AM 
Started by Ruthie - Last post by Aileen
Impressive!  Thanks Gnome.

 on: Today at 03:28 AM 
Started by Masaka - Last post by Aileen
No, 1962 way, way before my time. I don't think we are in any danger from Russia BUT my point is that in an independent Scotland how would we shoo them away?
Presumably the same way we did then, given that the two Typhoon aircraft were launched from RAF Leuchars, albeit on the orders of the MoD.  However if Scotland were independent we would no longer be under the control of the MoD but -

Democratically elected Scottish governments would make decisions in the best interests of Scotland’s defence and its armed forces – including decisions on whether or not Scotland should go to war.
Scotland would have its own defence forces, designed to ensure that Scotland is able to secure its borders, land, air space and sea, deter attacks and protect its citizens and assets, and make a contribution to peace keeping under the auspices of the United Nations.  All countries depend on cooperation with neighbours and allies and Scotland would be no different, pursuing bilateral and multilateral agreements and joining military alliances in the best interests of the defence of the country.

Also -

The plans include removal of Trident nuclear submarines and would also see Faslane become the joint headquarters for our conventional armed forces as well as the main naval base.  Other existing and planned major army facilities will be retained.  Air operations would be restored to Leuchars (alongside an army presence) and Lossiemouth would continue as the main operating base for fast jet aircraft and air policing.  Options would be considered for re-instating Rosyth as a supporting naval base.


 on: Today at 03:06 AM 
Started by Mark - Last post by The Gnome
Posted this in the Djokovic thread too, it's great with the song "Time" from the soundtrack to Inception

 on: Today at 03:03 AM 
Started by Ruthie - Last post by The Gnome
Come on Andy!!

 on: Today at 02:55 AM 
Started by Elly - Last post by Aileen
A Boy Without A Girl ....... Frankie Avalon

 on: Today at 02:51 AM 
Started by Masaka - Last post by IonaRed
As I understand the article, shoo them away was effectively what happened and always has done.

Maybe you aren't old enough to remember the Cuban Crisis of 1962, but I am and also I was living in London at the time, and it was London that Moscow had in its sights in the event of the US continuing to try to blockade the Russian ships and so stop them reaching Cuba with their cargo of nuclear missiles.  We held our collective breath for two weeks as Messrs Kennedy and Kruschev eyeballed each other, neither side being prepared to back down, until Kennedy finally did by allegedly entering into secret negotiations with Kruschev. In fact this was the closest the Cold War came to escalating into a full scale nuclear war.  So having lived for two weeks knowing that a nuclear missile was aimed in your direction, I know exactly what fear of instant annihilation is like, so perhaps you can understand why very minor incidents like this don't exactly have me shaking in my shoes.

Basically what I'm saying though is that I do not see Russia as being a threat to this country because Putin is too busy acting the bully boy with their neighbours to be over-interested in us.  What is a alarmingly real threat to us is that posed by Islamic terrorists, many of whom may already be living among us anywhere in the UK.

In this connection you might find this article of interest since it relates to what the Scottish police are and have been doing for some years, perhaps in response to the failed attack at Glasgow Airport in 2007, in an attempt to prevent violent extremism and radicalisation - http://news.scotland.gov.uk/News/Police-and-Muslim-community-working-together-e28.aspx

No, 1962 way, way before my time. I don't think we are in any danger from Russia BUT my point is that in an independent Scotland how would we shoo them away?

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