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I Can Hear the Grass Grow -- The Move

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Gene Autry

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Lenny Kravitz

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I really don't care about this baby lark. A puppy would be an entirely different matter!

But, I've always been under the impression that someone from the management team posts on the FB page as well as Andy, in fact more than Andy himself does, so there's no guarantee he actually posted that Chinese NY message himself.

Surprises me slightly though that Andy told assorted tennis journalists the name of Amelie's little boy the day he was born, a week or so before she actually announced it herself, and has yet to make any announcements about the name of his own daughter.

Not that I care what the kid is/isn't called, just an observation.
If it was a puppy we'd know the name right away!

Maybe both were posted by somebody from his management team then?  I just had an intuitive feeling that the CNY was posted by Andy himself, especially as a newborn baby is going to leave him with plenty of time on his hands.  In fact I bet it won't be long before he's champing at the bit to get onto the practice courts, particularly as Judy has announced that she's taking some time out from tennis to 'enjoy' being a grandmother which sounds as though she's planning several visits or maybe even staying with them.  Just so long as she doesn't start interfering .....

I suppose it is just possible that they haven't made up their minds yet, but it does beg the question as to what they're calling her in the interim.

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You think Andy posted a message in Mandarin?  I would be very surprised if he did that at any time, certainly not right now. The bairn's not even a week old! A busy time in any family's life without feeding the Press.
He said what I assume was something like happy new year in Mandarin, something he could easily have found out for himself!

I find it rather pathetic that I have do this to convince people, but -

Andy Murray
8 February at 11:10 ·
Would like to wish everyone around the world celebrating ‪#‎ChineseNewYear‬ a Xin Nian Kuai Le!

Also earlier today -

Andy Murray
11 hrs ·
Congratulations to the Seedrs team on £100 million invested on the platform and also being announced this week as the UK's most active seed-stage equity investor. Great start to 2016!

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Zverev showing signs of fatigue in the 2nd, but he still keeps fighting.  Monf serving for the match at 5-3, having been 4-1 up.

3 BPs to Zverev, but Monf brings the score to deuce.

MP #2 for Monf.  Zverev hits a return into the top of the net and Monf takes the match.

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If Andy can find the time to post a message on Facebook wishing Chinese people throughout the world a happy new year (in Mandarin), then it doesn't sound as though he's totally preoccupied with family matters and also if he can do that, then how long would it take him to post the baby's name?
Torally agree , I know it's a busy time , but a message on FB doesn't take long , I did wonder if they would when baby is a week old ?

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