Andy Murray vs Robin Haase, Thursday, Time - 1:00pm BST - Discuss the match
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Simona Halep

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Andrew Carnegie

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Now that was interesting!  Who wants to read various sports writers' drivelings when you can have it straight from the man himself.  In fact I often wonder how many of them actually watched the match, although I do know that journalists in general tend to get their info from common 'pool'.  That, however, doesn't excuse bad writing and a failure to check out facts.  The editors are just as bad because they're the ones who ultimately let the stuff pass.

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Very interesting article, but a rather stressful time for UA!  Can't wait to see what they have in mind for the hard-court season though when they'll 'show Murray’s personality, playing with patterns—camo is coming—and colors from toe to head.'

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Andy's press conference transcript after the first round.

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I've just read all these and reminded myself of why I usually stay away from the British press during Wimbledon.  Isn't that picture in the Mail report of 'Andy' supposedly pouring water over himself actually Feliciano Lopez? The whole 'battle of the female coaches' thing and the constant referencing of Amelie's pregnancy is just demeaning too. Rusedski doesn't seem to consider that Lendl's particular approach might not be what Andy wants or needs right now. I'd also like to know when exactly his matches stopped being topsy turvy under Lendl as Briggs asserts in his article. Did none of them watch the Verdasco QF in 2013? Or the U.S. Open final?! :p 

Certainly a lot more Feliciano than Andy! Very Happy   I too am getting very tired of hearing about 'the heavily pregnant' Amelie, because, apart from anything else, she seems to be carrying the baby very 'comfortably' given how far advanced her pregnancy is.  Some women at that stage look decidedly pear-shaped!  Also I don't think it'll matter who Andy's coach is, we'll still get the Murray-coasters because that's the nature of the man, and one reason I support him.

If I'm being honest I mostly posted today's links so that I could complain about the articles. I was in that sort of mood today! They are all dreadful pieces of writing both in terms of style and content.

I've completely given up on picture editors - mixing up Bjorkman with physio Mark Bender (which happened during and after the FO) and now mistaking Deliciano for Andy!

Briggs is one of the worst - most of us can agree on that I think, especially when it comes to him writing about Andy. We should all be grateful that Barry Flatman's borish musings are protected by a paywall.

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