Andy Murray vs Kevin Anderson, Tuesday, Estimated time - 7:30pm BST - Discuss the match
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 on: Today at 08:38 AM 
Started by amongsttheleaves - Last post by Ruthie
Just hope Andy can sort his serve out for this match  nervous

 on: Today at 06:53 AM 
Started by mackym - Last post by marathonarthur
Rafa has loads of points to defend- and then after Wimbledon none to defend so  any fall could be temporary.


If you look at it as a whole season Andy has just 900 points left to defend in 1000 ATP events whereas Rafa has over 2000. That excludes just Miami the only one played in 2015.  Nadal had five bad events if that is only making the Quarters or less whereas Andy had seven.  

If Andy continues with current intent to play well in the other ATP events not just slams he should make a large nett gain on Rafa.

My own view is that Andy will gain far more than Rafa in 2015. They both had time out, and time recovering but playing, in 2014 but the opportunity is there for him this year to keep in top four or higher quite easily. If Rafa is lower ranked he will have to go through the prospect of harder games from quarters and if he does not make it through them it gets harder and harder for him. Ask Andy how difficult it is to start an event ranked 5-8 as he did often in 2014. I think he has learnt that lesson?

 on: Today at 03:59 AM 
Started by Matthew2408 - Last post by ProdigyEng
Unsure who I will vote for.

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Started by Quackers - Last post by Aileen
Wendy Richards

 on: Today at 03:24 AM 
Started by MurrayRocks!! - Last post by Aileen
Gerry & The Pacemakers

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Started by scot-boy - Last post by Aileen
Brilliant!!  Thanks. Smile

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Started by laundry - Last post by Aileen
Thanks for that ATL.

 on: Today at 02:25 AM 
Started by amongsttheleaves - Last post by Aileen
Andy 3rd on Stadium Court, ladies match beforehand not before 1 pm local time, so about 2.30pmish USA, guessing about 7.30 pm UK BST, and 7.30 am Wednesday for NZ Very Happy  Hopefully ESPN will be covering this then crossfingers

Both have the 'jazz hand'.  Not noticed that before.
lol  I like that!  I think the ladies' match could go on for a bit over an hour, although we all know how unpredictable they can be, so I'd say 7:30 at the earliest.

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