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Boogers and CAZ,

As representing opposite viewpoints can one or both explain the known agenda of EU for the next five or ten years?  To my mind this is one of the most important issues to understand properly. We have had much debate over what happens if and when we exit but only hints mainly of what happens if and when when we stay. Many assume that we just carry on as usual, but with adjustment negotiated recently, which I doubt will be the case.

I see that ECJ is already trying to remove the lorry levy which the UK imposes as a way to help UK hauliers who have greater road tax costs. Do we expect a lot of financial changes of this kind? Are there plans for some political amendments too?

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FORESTED   ( - CA + ED )

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My Walking Shoes.......Memphis Slim

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Jessie J

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Selina Scott

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Herbert Chipp

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PNEUMONIA...................clever one Aileen.      G-UN---D

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Markie..did Hodgkin Lymphoma come up? Genuinely fascinated, because there is no known cause.

And if there's no known cause, how could you be screened for it?
No it didn't. I'm sure there are plenty of things I might get that it cannot tell me but that obviously doesn't reduce the value of the risks it can tell me.

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