Andy Murray vs Facundo Arguello, Monday, Estimated time - 4:00pm BST - Discuss the match
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Dinah Washington

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Gerry & The Pacemakers

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The press seem to be trying the same 'coach living vicariously through pupil' storyline that they tried with Lendl and Wimbledon, with similar results Wink

I'm griping, but Kevin Mitchell: it's 'their last big tournament', not 'there' and I'm fairly certain Amelie was #1 for quite a bit longer than 5 weeks overall! (39, it was 5 weeks the first time she got there)

Glad she and Bjorkman seem to be on the same page regarding Andy's game Smile
A classic example unfortunately of the sloppiness that has crept into the writings of many tennis journalists these days, and no doubt other sports writers as well.  Agree about Amelie and Bjorkman though.  Andy doesn't need any more hassle with his coaches, but I really do hope she can be around at Wimbledon and will feel able to continue coaching Andy even if only on a restricted basis next season.

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Kyrgios if played to potential will give Andy a thorough work out, which will be good preparations for Ferrer's QF.

Andy has become a complete player now even on clay so a slightly sub-par Kyrgios with some niggles will be no match for Andy.
Kyrgios is full of confidence that he can do 'special things' at RG and have a good run here, and that he's used to playing with niggles anyway.  Well last year he went out in R1 to Raonic in straight sets, so will definitely be looking to improve on that.
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Andy was out on court 12 again today practising with Dimitrov.

Cómo está tocando la pelota Andy Murray es increíble. Él mismo se ríe de la potencia con la que está pegando. Le entra todo. De locos...

According to Google translate this means:
How Andy Murray is playing the ball is amazing. He laughs at the power you are pasting. Gets into everything. Crazy ...

(the second bit might need a better translation)

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From the RG Twitter account

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Babylon translator isn't much different but does make a little more sense - "He laughs at the power that you are pasting. You will get everything. Crazy ."

Thanks for the other pics too ATL.

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Video of Arguello in the final of the Tallahassee Challenger. Bit of a grunter, and perhaps not the best behaved character on tour...

Thanks ATL.  I enjoyed Arguello's hot-blooded Latin American histrionics, but I really hope we don't see too much of them tomorrow.  May have to watch with the sound turned down though because of the grunting!

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What exactly do you understand by a 24/7 NHS?
An NHS where people have access to medical help and advice 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days of the year.  Maybe you might this information helpful - - and where mention is made of patients seeing a doctor, this is done by making an appointment in local out-of-hours clinics staffed by a rota of GPs who have computer access to your health records held by your GP.  They can also provide you with medication if necessary which means there's no need for you to wait to go to a chemist with a prescription.  A record of the consultation is sent to your GP, also by computer, so he/she will have it to hand immediately normal surgery hours are resumed.

It also includes access to emergency dental treatment and mental health practitioners.

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MA - Thank you for putting me right on that one because it was something I wasn't aware of, but it does seem disgraceful that not all costs are reclaimed, which sounds to me like incompetence on the part of the administrators of the NHS.

I'm well aware of the SNP Government's love of Europe, and its stance towards immigrants, and that is one major objection I have to independence because I would dearly like to see Britain pull out of the pernicious clutches of Brussels, and that sooner rather than later.

I watched Question Time on the BBC last Thursday and was intrigued by the fuss over England having a 24/7 NHS.  Scotland has had this for years and it does seem to work efficiently, myself having been forced to take advantage of it on a few occasions.

What exactly do you understand by a 24/7 NHS?

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