Andy Murray vs Robin Haase, Thursday, Time TBA - Discuss the match
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 on: Today at 08:19 PM 
Started by laundry - Last post by LIBANY
 Alexandr Dolgopolov (17 Pts)
  Jiri Vesely (15 Pts)
 vs Roberto Bautista-Agut (13 Pts)
 Tomas Berdych (12 Pts )
vs Rafael Nadal (11 Pts)
 Vasek Pospisil (23 Pts)
 Gael Monfils (14 Pts)
Lukas Rosol ( 13 Pts)

 on: Today at 08:17 PM 
Started by Connor - Last post by Joe
I've just thought, isn't Jan around Devon somewhere? Dartmoor? I can see one of the tors up there from the end of my road!

 on: Today at 08:17 PM 
Started by Connor - Last post by Joe
Lol Joe it was 41 on Centre yesterday! Hot enough for you....... innocent
Lucky you! Been around 33 here, which is too much for me. I'm useless in the heat though.

Think the problem in the east was that we were supposed to have thunderstorms this morning but they never materialised so we just ended up with this suffocating heat, blazing sun, and then when the wind arrived it was also hot, rather than a refreshing breeze. Guessing something similar is going on in London, but the courts are sun traps, and the pollution, buildings, people, traffic etc just make it worse.

Yep, genuinely sounds awful, I hate that sort of heat.

Heard thunder when I woke this morning at about 6:30 and I could see that it had clearly rained overnight as I left for work, so I think it broke while we were asleep, luckily for us. When I lived and worked in London from 2009 until earlier this year, the summer heat was unbearable when commuting on the Tube and train. That's one of the many things that I certainly don't miss about the place since moving down here.

 on: Today at 08:14 PM 
Started by Helen40 - Last post by amongsttheleaves
Wardy is first up on court number 2 at 11.30am

 on: Today at 08:08 PM 
Started by Connor - Last post by colin
very sad end for Berankis to a tough match
And not a good reaction from Cilic who did not acknowledge Berkankis's efforts. Djokovic would have given him a hug and applauded him as he left the court.

 on: Today at 08:07 PM 
Started by Helen40 - Last post by Aileen
I feel the same, but am not too sure Wardy has the belief he can win if it comes to the crunch.  Put him in a DC tie though and it's a different story.

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Started by laundry - Last post by Aileen

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Started by Matthew2408 - Last post by Fiverings
The security would be a nightmare and also it would be extremely unpleasant for the occupants, something I've experienced myself when the office I worked in decided to take over the adjacent premises and knock the two buildings into one, which inevitably involved quite a lot of renovation as well!

I think custom built would be the best option, but given the long delay, plus the rapidly increasing cost, involved in building the monstrosity known as the Scottish parliament, and add to that all the 'snagging' which came to light after its completion, then they might be safer just to go for an alternative building.
   Have you visited the Scottish Parliament?  I have - it is a hugely inspirational building in a stunning historical landscape.

 on: Today at 07:53 PM 
Started by flowerpower - Last post by flowerpower

I was wondering; what time was this?

I am still looking for information for next year. I am thinking of going two days with a few people, start to queue in the evening with a tent truying to get tickets for the day after.

Does anyone know:
- best days to try (less busy?)
- at what time start to queue?

It's a bit of an adventure. How about rain, no shower in the morning and changes ? The possibility to stay in a tent and wait for one day and find out there's no ticket at all?!

 on: Today at 07:50 PM 
Started by Connor - Last post by deb
Andy in 3 for me  cmon yeah

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