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 on: Today at 02:01 PM 
Started by eira_arian - Last post by Littlebuddha
to iamabritt:- No I am not taking sides and it is apparent that you are. The Palestinians have nowhere near the amount of firepower that Israel has so that is the first point. Israel has a big army well stocked with arms from America. The Palestinians have nowhere near the amount of weapons Israel has. This conflict will not be won by both sides knocking the **** out of each other. It is time for both sides to sit down and work out a peace agreement. It is also time for Israel to stop building new settlements and to give the Palestinians some hope of having their own State or is that to much to ask for ? I DON'T THINK SO.

 on: Today at 01:57 PM 
Started by Connor - Last post by iamabritt
naughty  lol

I do feel a little sorry for Nadal though because I don't like to see players withdrawing because of injury, especially as Nadal has only recently got over a back injury, but on the other hand if it makes life a bit easier for Andy .....
I'm with you on that Aileen.

 on: Today at 01:50 PM 
Started by Quackers - Last post by iamabritt
Alice Faye

 on: Today at 01:49 PM 
Started by Shooting Star - Last post by iamabritt
Christine Machale.

 on: Today at 01:48 PM 
Started by MurrayRocks!! - Last post by iamabritt
David Bowie.

 on: Today at 01:48 PM 
Started by Mark - Last post by iamabritt

 on: Today at 01:47 PM 
Started by rafa - Last post by iamabritt

 on: Today at 01:47 PM 
Started by Connor - Last post by Littlebuddha
In todays paper Nadal has a cast on his right wrist. He says he thinks he will not be fit to play in the US Open so it might do some good for Andy's ranking. I don't wish anyone an injury but that's the way the cookie breaks. Hope his injury is not too bad.

 on: Today at 12:32 PM 
Started by scot-boy - Last post by deb
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Murray won the US Open in 2012 (©GettyImages)
by David Cook
23 hours ago
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1) Previous experience

Britain’s Andy Murray may not have had the most successful of years by his standards, but all is not lost as he prepares for the final Grand Slam of the year.

While the 27-year-old has continued to struggle to recover from the back surgery that forced him to miss the end of the 2013 season, with his world ranking dropping from fourth to 10th this year, he is now at optimum fitness going into the second hard court season of the year.

The Dunblane-born player has not played since losing to Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov in the quarter-finals at Wimbledon, and he is yet to win a singles title since winning the tournament at SW19 in 2013.

But here are five reasons why he can turn his year on its’ head in New York, and replicate the scenes of 2012, where he won his first Grand Slam title, making him the first British man to win a Grand Slam since Fred Perry in 1936.

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Topics: #Andy Murray #Tennis #US Open Tennis"'""",,,,,,,,  ( ,,,, you will have to go on give me sport to read the 5 reasons as it won't copy, but worth a read )......

 on: Today at 12:23 PM 
Started by Shooting Star - Last post by Iluvandy
Wilma Cuddiwin

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