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I'm so very sorry to hear that Linda because he sounds a really lovely, wonderful man, somebody who it would have been a privilege to have known.  I'm sure that you and your Mum will find the inner strength to come through all this, no matter how you must be feeling right now, but meanwhile I send you both my deepest sympathy.  xx


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My step-dad, my "Pops"..basically the dad I never had, died on November 24th. He had a terrible and cruel lung disease (IPF) and was given 5 years. He lasted 4 and a half.

It's been heartbreaking watching him die, especially the last 18 months. He was a private, quiet, proud, funny, opinionated, strong, warm, loving man. My Mum is utterly devastated. She found the love of her life in the late autumn of her years, and I'm so glad she did. She deserved him. And he deserved her.

I'll miss him arguing with me over Trump, trying (in vain) to teach me to play the guitar, his hugs, his smile, sharing a few and setting the world to rights at the campfire, his awesome home-made turkey gravy, and the love he had for my Mum. Right now, I'm supporting her the best I can.

Life is precious. Please take a moment to appreciate it. x

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There Is Always Something There To Remind Me ....... Sandie Shaw

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Thomas Hardie

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Gabriela Sabatini

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It's on their Facebook page.

The same poll has the big survey that was being undertaken with 82% saying that they haven't been contacted. dontknow

I certainly got mine and completed it, even although I thought some of the questions were ridiculous in the sense that they were difficult to give answers to in between 1 and 10.  Also if 82% claimed they hadn't got it then that makes the poll even less reliable, and it isn't exactly a big difference in percentage from the referendum one anyway.  Also I know two people who got the survey but didn't do it, and I'm sure they aren't alone either, because a lot of people just don't like doing surveys.  I'm one of them but made an exception in this case because I was quite happy to tell them that I'd voted Leave and why, and that I'd take EU membership into consideration if they held an IndyRef now, just as I did two years ago when I voted Yes because I knew that an independent Scotland would have to apply as a separate nation, a process which could take a very long time with no guarantee of success, particularly as I didn't see Salmond as being all that competent in negotiating with them.

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