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Taylor Fritz into the Memphis final vs Kei and on the edge of the top 100. I see him top 50 by the end of the year, minimum. This guy has JUST turned 18.

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For My Lady -- The Moody Blues

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Wendy Craig

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Roy Harper

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Why are they worrying about Corbyn?   Cameron's the one to fear.  Anyway if Westminster does go ahead with the Trident programme then they can keep it well away from Scotland.  Potentially dangerous nukes we don't want!  Also I'm sure the £40bn could be better spent elsewhere, unless of course Westminster is envisaging another 'cold war' scenario - and that is something that doesn't bear thinking about.
   Stronger and more versatile conventional forces are what we need. And there was a classic piece of double think from Phillip Hammond reported the other day - speaking about North Koreas nuclear ambitions he apparently wondered why they didn't realise it was more of a security risk for them having it than not.

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Sorry, just noticed your post.  With two grannies around, and the ever-talkative Judy in particular, I can see Andy heading for the practice courts pretty quickly!  In fact I'm sure it won't be long before he starts champing at the bit anyway.  Let's face it, newborns are pretty boring as far as most men and quite a few women, apart from the mother, are concerned.
  Have to disagree about men being bored with newborns -  I remember being fascinated with my little bundles - and lots of  new dads can be baby bores as well!

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Lady In Red...Chris de Burgh

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