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Started by Mark - Last post by boogers
I never said anything at any time about banning all the 'brown people' - that's just a figment of your imagination - but if you read my post properly you might find out what I mean by 'significantly tightening' our borders, and also that I agree to a large extent with Piers Morgan's ideas with regard to how we should deal with said 'brown people'.

You stated we should be "significantly tightening up our border security" which will "cost a substantial amount of money".

That doesn't really explain anything.

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Started by Philip - Last post by Philip
Here is a very good walk through, definitely worth a read just to enjoy the journey as if you were there.  I picked up a lot of good tips from reading this guide.

Pokemon Go Tier List

Pokemon go catching locations - include all pictures showing evolutions

One of the fun aspect is the socialising. Yesterday, we roamed along the beach in search of magikarps to evolve into Gyrados (2nd most powerful Pokemon). We saw many others out Pokemon hunting so i asked where they found them (nearby lake and along promenade). They shared information willingly. We are planning city tours (eg. Brighton, London) in search of new and rarer pokemons.  This is going to be fun.

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Started by Mark - Last post by boogers
Sneer and mock all you like Boogers.thats what the people did about the nazi movement
When they came to their  sences it was too late.

So Trump and his supporters are like the Nazis? I wouldn't go that far... Hitler

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Started by boogers - Last post by blueberryhill
Mark, are you taking heart from the fact that Trumpo was a Democrat.......... once....Wink

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Shame about Lapras Chengaleng. I found my monster CP goes up significantly as my level rises.  I use a lucky egg and evolve pidgy and rattata to earn loAds of XP.  I will be trying out the gym this week  and will give feedbacks.

Hi Robbie,

Sorry about the strange terms. Pokemon go is quite a simple game.  You wander around and catch different types of Pokemons. The CP (combat power) generally increases as you level up (I am currently at level 20). It takes a bit of skill to throw the poke balls (or great ball, or ultra balls which give higher success rates) to catch the Pokemon.

Each Pokemon you catch you earn 100 stardust and 3 candies of the Pokemon type you caught. You use both to power up that specific type of Pokemon. When you have enough candies, you can evolve the Pokemon to double its CP.

For example
Pidgey ====> Pigeotto (12 candies) ====> Pigeot (50 candies)

I can power up my Pigeot CP 3-4 times further as my level has risen 4 times using stardust and Pidgy candies.

This game is really fun in that it forces you to wander around town in search for rare pokemons (higher CP).

Once you reach level 5, you can join one of three colour teams (red (valor), blue (mystic), yellow (instinct)) and battle for supremacy in a gym. If your Pokemon can hold a gym for 21h, you can collect 500 stardust and 10 poke coins which you can use to buy useful items and bag upgrade (increase storage capacity).  Any Question Smile ?

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The Naughty Lady Of Shady Lane ....... Dean Martin

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Spencer Tracy

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