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 on: Yesterday at 08:39 PM 
Started by Caz - Last post by boogers
Appendage Addict

Appendage Addict

faithful chihuahuas

Trolling Toddlers' Triumvirate

chihuahua insults

toilet club

you mugs

incoherent dummy

closet imperialist

Well, you deserve credit for trying at least. Is the sexism, casual racism and homophobia part of the real you, or is it just part of the act?

"The Trolling Toddlers Triumvirate" is pretty good though. Did you think of that yourself? lol

 on: Yesterday at 07:54 PM 
Started by Caz - Last post by PompousPitchforkPeasant
It's not hugs they need, it's a kick up the backside. However we've seen quite a few of those already, still hopeful something positive will emerge from this mess. Whatever happens the Tories deserve a really stiff kicking for allowing this to happen on their watch, and they must lie in the bed of their own making.
TBH i'm sorry for the remainers but i can't see how Scotland's gonna come out of this well if Britain gets away with this without punishment. The ideal thing would be this: all the members staying in the EU but with Scotland as an independent country. If Britain can somehow stay in as it is then i can't see how things will get better in Scotland. I mean, they can't even have that TV show lol ! and Appendage Addict is trying to convince me Scots are not oppressed, lol even in the most backward 3rd world countries they know Scots are oppressed, let alone in mainland Europe, i don't even know tbh who Appendage Addict is putting this show up for , oh wait, i guess his 2 faithful chihuahuas.

But they don't neccessarily have more responsibility than non-Muslims.
and that's where U fail at politics, i explain to you why.  

You're the only regular muslim poster here right? i mean i know there's Sabine and there was/is Emma Jean but you're the one who's posting here every day, and when someone expresses his/her worries about islam all you gotta say is "read a book about it", "we're saving up for a copy of Islam for dummies for you" always spicing your advice with some insults. It's not a secret, i've been lurking on this board so i know the Trolling Toddlers' Triumvirate have been doing this for a long time. So that's why i can only chuckle at the usual chihuahua insults about other's  incoherence, idiocy, fallacies blablabla. tbh you're really the weakest bunch of resident trolls i've seen on any message board. Now i'm just checking all the insults that i knew were gonna come and chuckling hard at how trivial and predictable you mugs are. I mean, i don't want to mess up your little toilet club's trolling routine but you could add something new to your arsenal.  But i'm digressing lol .

So you've been advising to people to go read books about islam, you told that to "iamabrit" before, same old same old,  but as you can read in the quotation you said you're not responsible for the acts of the radicals at all. That's some incredible level of ignorance from you and it's a clear sign you have no sense of politics at all. The moderate muslims represent their religion and by not acting about the radicals, even when they have the opportunity, like at the border chaos, where they could have just stopped the radical troublemaker, they wouldn't even have been endangering themselves cause the radical didn't have weapons, they failed to do so. Unreal ignorance and negligence there, they just showed the world that they don't have not only the power but also the willingness to correct the radical violence mongers. And guess what, when outsiders have the chance to tell it to a muslim on a message board, like hey dude, why the moderates don't stop people like this?  the answer they get is: I'm not responsible for that, go read a book about islam you incoherent dummy, just lol! and then muslims are surprised they're talking about deportations everywhere in the western world, what's more! these moderates are not even shaken even a little bit by the fact that the brexit liars used Islam, their religion, to trick people into something bad. That's how low Islam got, dirty and corrupt people even among westerners also started to use it for their dirty aims just because moderates failed to fix the problems. It's clear these people are not responsible people and they don't hold their religion dear otherwise they would fix those who are ruining its reputation all around the world.

P.S: I answered the closet imperialist's honest question but he skipped mine, so here's another one for him: Have you served in the army?

 on: Yesterday at 07:52 PM 
Started by Caz - Last post by Aileen
Mark it might be time to consider adding a health warning to these politics threads: likely side-affects include high blood pressurre, inceased stress levels and headaches, some people may experience nausea and RSI in the hands.
I agree with that, but it's always been the case - and apparently there are those who actually thrive on this, one of them to the point of obsession in fact.

 on: Yesterday at 06:28 PM 
Started by boogers - Last post by boogers
So, the Orange ingrown rectal hair has made some more announcements.

This is how trade wars start.

 on: Yesterday at 05:54 PM 
Started by Caz - Last post by boogers
Yep. That's good news. Now to await the Italian results...

 on: Yesterday at 05:43 PM 
Started by Sarah_ - Last post by wimbledonwestie
Watching a certain Mr Murray has I'm sure taken a year off mine bbh  Whistle

My thoughts exactly !

 on: Yesterday at 05:34 PM 
Started by Caz - Last post by althusser
Looks like the far right anti-immigrant candidate in Austria has been beaten.

 on: Yesterday at 04:47 PM 
Started by Philip - Last post by Ruthie
a pity Gordon couldn't top it with a win today.  I think it was too difficult to maintain the necessary focus and energy having achieved no 1 yesterday.

 on: Yesterday at 04:45 PM 
Started by mackym - Last post by Ruthie
my thanks too TD.  Only had a quick glance but Andy at 14 (and let's hope still rising) must put him up there as a tennis great even if not part of the select GOAT herd?

 on: Yesterday at 04:12 PM 
Started by Caz - Last post by althusser
Nah, I'm successful...

...just that coherent sentences are not your thing. Or politics, or history. Can't have it all I suppose!!

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