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 on: Yesterday at 07:09 PM 
Started by top_spin - Last post by Alis
Lewis has had so much bad luck that it's great to see him realising his potential.  Three in a row - last time he did that he won the championship!

 on: Yesterday at 06:48 PM 
Started by top_spin - Last post by tamila
It is great to see Lewis in a decent car with a great team.  He has always reminded me of Nigel Mansell who was never given a car to match his skillful driving.  Shame about Australia as he would be well away at the top but never mind I am sure he will make it up  Only 4 pts behind Nico now.  Nico is a good driver but made so many mistakes over this weekend.

 on: Yesterday at 06:37 PM 
Started by Connor - Last post by blueberryhill
^ Ahem, Mystic Meg, only two ticks ago u were predicting a big trophy for Fed.... Whistle
A lot of water to flow b4 Stan gets RG

 on: Yesterday at 06:09 PM 
Started by Connor - Last post by Grabcopy
Stan could take the French. He could be halfway to the Grand Slam by the time Wimbledon rolls around!

 on: Yesterday at 05:51 PM 
Started by Neil - Last post by Aileen
I actually like this. Think
I do too, although I'm a Christian, albeit a non-practising one.  But is it necessary to believe in God to be a Christian?  I believe that Jesus Christ existed as a person who possessed many admirable qualities, some of them supernatural, but whether or not he was the son of a higher deity conceived in such an improbable way is another matter.  The truth is that there are, and always have been, people who have natural healing and mystical qualities, but who were conceived in the normal manner, and in the past many of them too were 'crucified' (often by being burnt at the stake) by their fellow men because of these qualities.  We might still not understand these qualities, but thankfully over the last 200 years ignorance has gradually decreased and people have become more tolerant, at worst nowadays dismissing such people as being 'a bit odd'.

 on: Yesterday at 05:47 PM 
Started by Connor - Last post by deb
Well done Stan you beat Smug fed, still can't see him being number one at the end of the year , but never say never .

 on: Yesterday at 05:46 PM 
Started by top_spin - Last post by TheMadHatter
Lewis destroying the rest of the field once again. Smile

Incredible how he still sits 4 points behind despite being dominating every weekend. That bloody luck of his...

 on: Yesterday at 05:23 PM 
Started by Connor - Last post by Alis
Well done Stan - very well deserved.

 on: Yesterday at 05:13 PM 
Started by Philip - Last post by Littlebuddha
Happy Easter to all weather you are religious or not. Be happy and try to live a good life.

 on: Yesterday at 04:58 PM 
Started by Connor - Last post by Katie
Pleased for Stan. With the way he's been playing over the last year, he deserved a Masters title. He looked shaky in the first two sets, but raised his level in the tie-break and never looked back after that - Federer was the one then who looked out of sorts mentally.

I agree with what the commentators were saying - when Stan's in peak form he's so difficult for all the players to beat. He can overpower anyone, especially on the slower surfaces.

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