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From Mick Dickson in the Mail. Tickets available to BT members and only for one day:

British fans hoping to buy tickets for next month's Davis Cup final will have to go into a Wimbledon-style ballot, with less than 3,000 expected to be allocated.

And applications for the slim British ration will be restricted to those who are part of the Lawn Tennis Association's membership scheme and those who have already bought Davis Cup tickets in 2015.

The ballot for GB tickets will open on October 21 with applicants notified within around a week of whether they have been successful or not.

A third option exists for fans, with the Belgian tennis authorities putting a limited amount on general sale over the internet on October 13 starting at 11am UK time. However, the numbers available then are likely to be in the hundreds rather than thousands.

They have already put the lion's share out to members of Belgian tennis clubs and recreational members of the national association. According to Dirk De Maesaneer, President of the Flemmish Tennis Association, some enterprising GB supporters attempted to register as Belgian members.

'Yes there were some but we have tried to block them,' he said. 'There has been so much interest in Belgium and we would obviously like as many of our people to be able to come as possible and demand has been enormous. Those British fans who are able to come will be made very welcome and we look forward to seeing them.'

The Belgian game is run by two bodies, and it is the Flemmish arm of it this year, rather than the Francophone one, who are organising Davis Cup matches in 2015. The Flanders Expo was chosen as the venue from a limited number of options and unfortunately the capacity is just under 13,000 – less than half that in Lille for last year's final.

Had it been staged in the UK it would have been at Cardiff with a capacity of more than 25,000, but many fans are bound to be disappointed. The tickets will be for individual days rather than a three-day 'season ticket'.

That was considered as the fairest method by the LTA, who have been hamstrung by International Tennis Federation regulations saying that only ten per cent of tickets must go to away fans, whatever the proximity of the two countries.

A spokesman for the LTA said that after tickets were put aside for officials, VIPs, sponsors, players and the like, more than two thirds are still being put into the ballot.

What they are looking at is establishing a Fan Zone for GB fans in the centre of Ghent, so that supporters who may only have a ticket for one day can still watch and join in the occasion and possibly prolong their stay if they make the trip.

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Dudi Sela

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Eric Idle

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Denny Laine

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 A Day in a Life -- The Beatles

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A really good article about Jo. She seems such a terrific woman and her coaching team is doing her proud. Taking a cut in their wages when the LTA withdrew her funding. Rolling Eyes
Do hope she cracks the top 20 next year. thumb up

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Dewch ar Gymru  superman
And for Scotland: Sealbh math dhuit yay Hope that's right but OMG Gaelic looks even more complicated/difficult than Welsh, which is saying something. Wonder if there are any Gaelic speakers on here, Aileen, Murray Magic,  Ellie et al? In Wales the resurgence of the language has only begun in the last 20 or so years and only in pockets. My grandmother was a Welsh first language speaker so I'm really pleased the language has not died.
Anyway, would be good to see you guys in the quarters.  thumb up
I don't think Wales is going to win it all either and I really don't see how any of my comments  on here have given that impression/delusion. I do feel your original response to my "Cymru am Byth" post was a little grudging TBH. Of course, if you are an England supporter absolutely understandable. BTW I read that England made an approach to an Italian coach, without telling Lancaster and while, of course, he is still in place. If that's true it's absolutely shocking.

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