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Andy Murray vs David Ferrer, Saturday, Time: 2pm BST - Discuss the match
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 on: Today at 06:47 PM 
Started by angiebabez - Last post by tanith
is David Goffin our   saviour?

 on: Today at 06:46 PM 
Started by angiebabez - Last post by flowerpower
Route to final for Murray:


 on: Today at 06:44 PM 
Started by Ruthie - Last post by Aileen
 Love your comedy option Ruthie! Very Happy

I wish I had your optimism though because I fear that unless Andy can produce something very special, and most importantly play and serve better than he did against Anderson, and not let himself get distracted by every little thing as he did today, then we could well be looking at a Ferrer win this time.  Fatigue too has the potential to be another factor, 

I'll still be 100% behind him though - egging him on, shouting, cursing and praising him in turn!

According to the schedule the match will start at 2pm BST.

 on: Today at 06:43 PM 
Started by angiebabez - Last post by flowerpower
It's a very difficult draw again... would be great if he's 4 again. Makes life so much easier...

 on: Today at 06:38 PM 
Started by Ruthie - Last post by *Sparkle*
Ferrer never seems to get tired, and being at home in Spain, he's got that little bit of extra zip, and he seems to have found his best form in age.  His short match today definitely gives him an advantage over Andy, who tends to show normal human fatigue.   We can perhaps hope that Ferrer's cake for his 600th tour win will sit a bit heavy.  Whistle

However, Andy has been showing masses of resolve lately, and will be incredibly motivated to make the most of this opportunity.  It's likely tomorrow's winner will win the whole tournament (unless they really do exhaust each other), and an excellent chance of making WTFs without Nadal. 

It's such a shame they were in the same half, because with Nadal probably out of WTFs, the runners-up placing for either of them would also give them a great chance of making it.

 on: Today at 06:36 PM 
Started by Mark - Last post by The Gnome

Andy Murray with 30 titles won and a promising contender for the Valencia Open; good to see one of the greats back in their stride.


 on: Today at 06:36 PM 
Started by Ruthie - Last post by deb
So for the third time in as many weeks Andy and David face each other again (and I'm sure Bev will come up with a suitable h2h set of photos).  This is the first SF and will be played not before 3pm (ie 2pm UK time).  Have they ever had a quick match?   Unfortunately David comes in to the match as the home favourite and having played less than half the time that Andy did today.  But as Andy seems to play one good match followed by one poor one, perhaps he'll be back on song tomorrow.  And he loves a challenge does our Andy.  With important points in the race at stake, it could be quite a battle.  We're all behind you Andy, willing you to play your best and make it to the final.   cmon yeah
Ruthie , I really think Andy will squeak through , fingers crossed  nervous

 on: Today at 06:35 PM 
Started by Ruthie - Last post by counter_ puncher
To be honest, I am tired of seeing Ferrer vs. Andy. When I think of how long today's match lasted and how slow the court must be then, I can already see him play against a rubber wall tomorrow. I can already hear Ferrer groaning and grunting, letting his tongue hang out in anticipation of Andy's second serve, hunching over his shots. I know that I sound a little respectless at Ferrer's achievements, yet that is what I feel atm.

 on: Today at 06:34 PM 
Started by angiebabez - Last post by tanith


 on: Today at 06:28 PM 
Started by Ruthie - Last post by Grabcopy
I think finishing the year top 8 is the most important thing.

I think if Andy makes the semis in Paris and qualifies for the O2, we're looking at a top 4 finish.

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