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Bunn Austin

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It was showing on an ATP info website. Maybe subsequently removed?

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Another interesting article on how the SNP are able to operate without any accountability.

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Interesting list Caz.

1) Child benefit paid for the first two children only.

Agreed. Tax credits and universal credits will be limited to two children from April 2017, but not yet child benefit.

2) Child credits paid only to families who 'really' need them.

Agreed. Though this is already the case isn't it? They only apply to families earning <26,000 (32,000 for 2 children)

3) Free school meals only for families who can't afford them, though I'd like to see free school milk brought back.

That's already the case in rUK. Not sure about free school milk - there's new and conflicting evidence that milk might not be as healthy as previously supposed.

4) Free child care scrapped altogether. If people can't afford to pay for their children to be looked after, they should stay home and let somebody else have the job. to be cont.

This one I disagree with very strongly. Allowing women to go back to work after having a child actually reduces welfare expenditure over the long term.

f5) More social housing to be built, instead of the taxpayer footing the bill for ridiculous rents.....and of course, the selling off of existing social housing stopped.

Building more social housing is a current government policy. The argument is that selling off some of the existing stock gets people onto the property ladder and releases funding for new builds.

6) Better wages for nurses to attract trainees, instead of paying ridiculous amounts of money to agencies!


7) The bedroom tax scrapped.

I'm not sure about this. On one hand the tax itself is heavy handed; on the other, the idea behind it is quite sensible.

8) Also, I'd like to see a company charged with deciding who's fit to work and who isn't, do it's job properly, instead of telling a woman she was 'fit to work' while she was in a coma! Then there was the man who was deemed 'fit to work' who couldn't get a job, as he was too busy dying of cancer in hospital at the time! shocking

Good in principle. I'm not convinced that Atos are doing a particularly bad job - there will always be errors in any system, as I discussed above. I've not seen any compelling evidence that the current error rate is worse than you'd reasonably expect.

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Mick Hucknall

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Better Be Good To Me......Tina Turner

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