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As mentioned earlier, if anyone else had their notification preferences reset you can re-apply them here. But I'm also happy to do it for you if you just reply to this topic.

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Natalie Meir ‏@Meir_Natalie
my facebook friend Danny's pic of Jamie and Andy Murray

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Bbh - I'm pleased to report that Mark Steel has made a proposal I can get behind.

He has suggested our constitutional problems would be solved by making Murray the King!

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It does start to get a bit confusing at times!


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Hear. Hear. No lessons learned.

Hear, hear. No strategy.

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Mark - I keep getting emails about every post I get in response to mine.  I don't think I signed up for this - can you sort?

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Looks like Andy and Stan are replacing Novak, from the ITPL website. They probably won't have two top players on the same team in the same city so they'll probably split it, reckon Stan will play more cities than Andy.

My guess is that since Andy's doing his training block in Dubai this winter he'll just play the Dubai bit which is 14-16 December. Think he said he'd travel there around the 10th or maybe a bit sooner.

He only did the Manila leg last year so can't see him doing the whole circus, but a few of days if he's in the same place anyway doesn't seem hugely impractical - maybe a chance in a daft, but competitive, exo to test some stuff out? Chance to play other top players not a bad thing. Andy isn't La Monf, he isn't going to throw himself about the court like a maniac.

Edit: Info from Stuart Fraser's twitter

Stuart Fraser ‏@stu_fraser
Andy Murray to play two days of the IPTL in Dubai later this month. Fits in with his training over there. Novak Djokovic has pulled out.

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I really hope you can sort this out soon.

My son, almost 15 now, has been bullied in school since around Primary 6 onwards, but it's mostly been girls doing the bullying. Physical bullying has happened, and he's not really prone to fighting back, but when he has that's stopped, but for the other stuff, I've tried to teach him that a "thicker skin" is ultimately required because there's next to nothing the school can do about verbal abuse, but I never developed one so I have no idea how anyone does that when it's not natural to them.
To be honest I think girls can be far worse bullies than boys simply because it mostly is on the verbal/psychological level.  I was bullied for a while when I was 9 and it was my first year at an all-girls private school.  I actually begged my mother to take me away but all she said was that it was time I learnt to stand on my own two feet.  Fortunately my tormentor left not long after, and that was that.

As for developing a 'thicker skin', I can relate to that as well because I didn't have one either when I was younger, but fortunately as I got older, and by that I mean 40+, it just sort of developed of its own accord, although I don't know why - maybe due to an accumulation of life experiences? - but I agree that it certainly isn't something that anyone can be taught.

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Andy is replacing Novak in the IPTL apparantly, he seems to be on the roster for the OUE Singapore Slammers  Think

I really wish he wasn't, and hope it's not true.

He is playing? I wish he is. He'll come to Dubai then. Very Happy

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