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 on: Yesterday at 11:17 AM 
Started by boogers - Last post by blueberryhill
American political commentator on R4 was saying these emails have been trawled and mauled over for months now and have made little difference to her election chances. It would take something really massive to derail her now.
Sure she's disliked and not trusted and against almost anyone else she would've been toast, but the Republicans have made the unfortunate mistake of running  the chump against her.

 on: Yesterday at 08:10 AM 
Started by Sarah_ - Last post by Ruthie
Ah yes Reed thanks Aileen.  Actually I guess it's quite possible that a number of the Sky comms will be working for Eurosport  during USO as I think they're all free lance and tend to pop up all over the place.  I do wonder what happens to Marcus Buckland though when his role is being squeezed and squeezed. 

 on: Yesterday at 08:07 AM 
Started by mackym - Last post by Ruthie
MA:  you don't consider Andy a top player?  Fair enough that you don't consider him  the top player, given he's not number one, but surely he has been a top player for some time?  shocking

 on: Yesterday at 08:03 AM 
Started by Connor - Last post by Ruthie
and playing hopman cup has served him pretty well in the past I think

 on: Yesterday at 08:01 AM 
Started by scot-boy - Last post by Ruthie
Very positive Aileen.  Let's hope it is the towering two with Andy starting to tower over the current number one.  But I always get a bit nervous when media start talking Andy up before a slam  nervous

 on: Yesterday at 07:37 AM 
Started by boogers - Last post by boogers
Struggling to see any real acts of impropriety here. The Clintons themselves don't profit from the foundation (indeed they gave ~$1 million to it last year), and it has a track record of doing good work.

The "ethics challenges" it represents are nothing compared to Trumps $650 million in debt, something he's trying to keep very quiet.

All quite amusing though - on one hand you've got a charitable organisation run by two individuals who have used their connections and influence to raise and disperse more than $2 billion in funding to numerous deserving projects across the globe, and on the other you've got a second rate failed businessman with half a billion dollars in debt. Tough choice.

 on: Yesterday at 07:26 AM 
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 on: Yesterday at 07:26 AM 
Started by Elly - Last post by Tonedial
Stupidly Happy - XTC

 on: Yesterday at 06:38 AM 
Started by scot-boy - Last post by doublebagel
Milly and db.
I too am a member and have not received an email like they said [typical LTA]

But now when I log into my members area on their website, the code is there.  Hope this is the case for you both too.

I can't remember my login details so I've been trying to get them to send me my password but they can't find me.  Yet a few weeks ago they were emailing me an access code in relation to other tournaments so I'm not sure what's happened.

 on: Yesterday at 06:20 AM 
Started by Elly - Last post by tomthoms
Happy Jack -- The Who

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