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Just had a good look at the draw. We are all worrying about Andy playing Stan but Stan  may have to play Giles Muller excellent server and has been playing well also could meet Sock, Simon and Troicki. He could be out before the QF lets face it his mind has not been on the job lately with the problems with Kyrgios and any thing like that he is very sensitive too and looses his concentration. Again Andy has to get there too.  I think we should take each match as it comes and wish Andy all the best.

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It's My Life.......Bon Jovi

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Natalie Cole

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Hugh Grant

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Sergi Bruguera

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Started by Matthew2408 - Last post by althusser
Prove it. If anything, the coverage was kind to the Yes side. Certainly the ludicrous economic plans weren't subject to rigorous scrutiny.
Indeed there were just as many complaints from the NO side, they just didn't wrap it up in hysterical, conspiratorial language like Salmond and his impressionable  followers. Isn't it noticeable that every political side claims the beeb is biased against it, not least the Tories? I take that as evidence that all things considered it is done a decent job, which includes raising the questions partisans find inconvenient

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Started by amongsttheleaves - Last post by ST Essex
STE -who would you have preferred Andy to meet in the QF?  For me that is the biggest hurdle given as you say there was a 50 per cent chance Andy would have had to beat both Fed and Novak had he been seeded 2nd and it had gone according to seedings.  While it's true the last time Stan beat him here Andy had his back problem and really shouldn't have played,  now Stan has equalled him for slam titles and he seems to raise his game at slams even when he's been playing poor tennis in the run-up.

Well I would rather he didn't have to play Stan. All I was trying to point out was that it's not the awful draw that some were suggesting.

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Yes and the record is 0-2 in the USO, Stan beat him in 2010 also.

Interestingly, after 2007, the only people to have beaten Andy at the USO are people who have now all won slams.

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