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I agree Delpo would be one of the current big 3. I'm a fan, but not when he plays Andy. All the big players give him the respect he deserves, they know how good he is. When both Andy and he are well rested, I'd still give Andy the edge though. Like you guys I'm waiting for the fall-out from Becker/Djokovic parting.

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What point is he making exactly?

In a statement after Mr. Trump’s Twitter post, Boeing said it had a $170 million contract to study the equipment that a redesigned Air Force One might need. That project has just gotten underway, so billions of dollars in cost overruns at this point appear to be impossible.

“Some of the statistics that have been, uh, cited, shall we say, don’t appear to reflect the nature of the financial agreement between Boeing and the Department of Defense,” the White House press secretary, Josh Earnest, said.

I'm not sure why Trump is attacking a private company on Twitter with a lie. Oh, wait, yes I am: Trump tweeted 22 minutes after an article containing quotes from a Boeing executive on Trump's trade plans was published.  doh

Stupid man child strikes again.

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 I think this is might be the  way forward. More power for the regions, but still a "United" Kingdom....more or less.....
"Scotland taking control over fisheries, farming and social rights" that sounds cool.

About the red, white blue thing, i don't thing it's a big thing, people were talking about black and grey brexit? that's kind of depressing, she just wanted to come up with something to cheer people up.

Btw it's funny you 2 fought for 4 more pages after last evening, a real marathon roflmao

No worries Aileen, what about we go back to school together and see what the good people have to teach. I usually prefer complete chaos and headlessness but oh well, i'm kinda the master of that already so time for something new  Think Elementary and high school kinda got left out of my life anyway so this time i'll do it the right way  first We can sit in the back, let the eager-beavers do the nerding in the front row, and in the back we can do some snuggling  love Those nerds don't know what's good in life  ofc we'll pay attention from time to time to the lessons too, that's why we're in school for after all. The fricking neverending school, waiting for some carrot at the end, and are there even carrots out there anymore? Maybe it's just nuclear wasteland out there and the best we'll get is a piece of burned tree bark with the poo of a mutated bear on it. And our Spartan teachers keep the best for us, they themselves have only a piece of radioactive coal with noxious otter pee to lick when they're hungry. But let's stay positive. I'll also show Emma Jean how to do this. When things are not going our way and we can't boss people ard the solution is not to run away like a spoiled little girl and leave behind the people who care for us.

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I read that earlier and thought to myself if Clinton were to have increased the minimum wage then more automation would also be a consequence. It seems we can't avoid it and Trump nor Clinton had a chance at saving those jobs.

Clinton at least had proposals for retraining and reskilling. Trump offers nothing.

There's a grim irony in the fact that those working class voters who voted for Trump are precisely the ones who are going to get screwed by him.

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 I think this is might be the  way forward. More power for the regions, but still a "United" Kingdom....more or less.....

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I think Trump is making quite a good point here -

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There is quite a big imminent threat to Andy's word number 1 ranking. Its a possible early meeting with a certain big Argentinian in the  Aussie Open. Given Delpo is ranked 38 then Andy could meet him in R32. I think with a good pre-season Delpo is probably the third best player in the world. I just hope he is in Joker's half or at worst does not play Andy before the semis.
I agree.  Delpo's going to be a major threat next season and beyond if his wrists hold up, which I sincerely hope they do.  I still maintain he'd have won more Slams by now had those injuries not interfered so cruelly in his career.  Mind you Fed didn't do his cause much good in 2009 by endlessly complaining about hawk-eye, accusing Delpo of using it to his advantage, and probably more importantly repeatedly hitting to Delpo's ferocious forehand.

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Walk Tall ....... Val Doonican

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In the circumstances, yes it was.
I'm sure in your world, it was.

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