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Cool thanks.

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Can't Buy Me Love......The Beatles

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Tom Waits

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Started by mackym - Last post by marathonarthur
To be honest, I was thinking it was just as important, if not more, the other way around.  That it would be good for Andy to be the one patiently supporting his partner and making sure that she had everything she needed for her big day.
Me too Sparkle - I did like the idea of Andy checking out the route and dashing around on the tube to be at certain stages to cheer Kim on. Suspect he enjoyed it too.

Last time I went to watch the London Marathon supporters were running pretty hard to be at as many places as possible to see their runner go past. I expect Andy did a fair amount of fast dashing too! You need to be fit to do that.  Seeing an individual is not that easy even with distinctive clothing. Runners in the mass field are not exactly spaced out and although going slower than the serious athletes they still seem to go by in a flash! Amazing how many decide on the same colours!

I liked the photo at the end. Kim looked quite fresh not exhausted. I am sure both got a lot of benefit and enjoyment from the day.

Back to Andy and his ranking I have accepted that Andy will lose out on ranking points in this current period. He will soon have two good periods for his points tally if he plays as well. These are Madrid, Rome and Roland Garros then later on the Asian swing with the American Hard Courts events.

As he has his two titles to defend between, with lots of points at risk, the first of these periods will be critical to keep him high in the top eight which is why a number of us wanted him to do a "warm-up" on clay not for points but to try to get more "fluent" on clay for the run up to RG. He will pass Del Po in the first period to 7th and I hope a few more before Queens. Getting into the top four before the O2 would be a good springboard for the following year? It does make a difference to when you play the best players in the draw so always will be better to be top four rather than top eight.

Watching tennis without someone to follow is hard. Laura and Heather not playing much and no other men in main draws is not good. Andy can take heart that the others are slipping a bit too. Good Friday showed that the others can be beaten. Andy with his extra ability I doubt would have let Federer or Djoke come back and win in the matches yesterday? 

 on: Today at 12:46 PM 
Started by Elly - Last post by tomthoms
You Can't Always Get What You Want -- The Rolling Stones

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Harrison Ford

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