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Cigarettes, Whiskey And Wild, Wild Women ....... Willie Nelson

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Changing the subject, does anyone remember the discussion about whether Scots are more socialist than the rest of the UK? The NIESR (independent academic economic thinktank) produced a report this month discussing the subject. Short answer: nope. They aren't.

Unfortunately the full text isn't available until the 5th of August, but the excerpts are interesting.

Just reinforces my assertion that collectively Brits are pretty similar.

It's always been something of a convenient myth that we're more left-wing than the rest of the UK, and I say that as someone on the left. I read an analysis based on the BSA data a year or two ago that came to much the same conclusion - it showed that on some issues Scots were marginally more left-wing and on others not any more left-wing at all. Scotland is undeniably more anti-Tory, but that's rooted in the particular history of the party rather than a hatred of the politics of the right.

Part of the pro-independence narrative has to be that Scots are different. If we were to accept that politically we all have a great deal in common there wouldn't be much cause for being independent in the first place. Hence why the SNP put great stock in the idea that we're more left-wing (albeit this doesn't seem to extend to the SNP's actual policies in government) and our supposed Gaelic heritage (I wonder if there's a single person in Livingston, for instance, who can pronounce the "Gaelic name" for their town that greets them on signposts).

Scotland is indeed different on some level, but I'd rather celebrate the things that actually make us stand out, not the odd inventions a political party has dreamed up to suit their own ends.

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Electric Light Orchestra

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Lillian Gish

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14 years old.

That is just unbelievable.

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Tbf Gasquet made similar headlines at that age (well, a year older) and never made it higher than #7.

He's clearly got immense talent but who knows how he'll cope mentally with all the hype. Might Donald Young it for all we know.

Certainly one to keep an eye on.

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Tickets for the evening with Capaldi booked. No meet and greet option unfortunately so probably won't get a chance to meet him.

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