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I see Baghdatis defeated Goffin and has credited the arrival of their second child during the off-season for giving him a renewed sense of purpose, adding

"..... that having his own family at home has given him a greater sense of perspective when he steps onto the tennis court. It was that perspective and a sense of calm that ultimately made the difference in his close battle with Goffin, which saw him win a 41-shot rally on match point."

Let's hope the same happens to Andy.  At least he should have recovered sufficiently by the time the DC tie comes round!
well it didn't last long as he played very poorly for the most part against Klizan yesterday.  I like Baggy and had hoped his victory over Goffin might signal a revival in his fortunes.  Good win for Zverev over Simon. Watched a bit of it and it reminded me of the cat and mouse games Simon plays with Andy.
atl I suspect it's a case of 'both and' re Fed at Miami. 

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Hope is agent has the nous to send it on to Andy Aileen.

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Which bastards?
Cameron and Co and the boys in Brussels! They are in collusion on this! You need to look up TTIP and see for yourself what it's all about Joe!  It's something else that's they're trying to 'do to us' without our permission or even our knowledge! The negotiations have been going on in secret for 4 years now, and is due to be signed in 2017! There have been massive demonstrations throughout Europe and America and here too.....and millions have signed petitions against it and through all this.....silence from the media!  shocking Thank God for the internet! If I try and explain it to you, it'll sound like a crackpot conspiracy theory, which suits 'them' right down to the ground, because it's 'exactly' what they want you to think! If you try and talk to your MP about it, you'll get a pat on the head and told 'it's ok.......don't worry about it! Just go back to sleep!

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Can't You Hear Me Knocking -- The Rolling Stones

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Tim Rice

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John F. Kennedy (Oops)  Whistle

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