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 on: Today at 07:01 PM 
Started by scot-boy - Last post by Aileen
@flowerpower - Re the sentence "Murray is very entitled to express a view on an issue which drew nearly 85% of registered voters to the ballot box. I admire him for doing that, but suspect he may privately come to admit that silence would have been a better option".  I got the feeling from his later tweet that he was already regretting it, but he won't be the first or last person to say or write something in the heat of a moment of passion or emotion, which is what I think happened here, and once said or tweeted there can be no going back, especially as tweets can go viral within minutes of being posted.

Politics really is just awful.      Just brings the worst out in people.     
Yes John, politics and religion as well.  Both have been, and still are, at the root of many of the world's problem.

 on: Today at 07:01 PM 
Started by Masaka - Last post by boogers
Oh, this is such an awesome demonstration of Salmond: he banned national newspaper journalists from his press conference.

Christopher Hope, the Telegraph's senior political correspondent, has filed more details of the SNP's refusal to allow several national newspapers into Alex Salmond's resignation press conference.
The briefing was held at the First Minister's official residence at Bute House, Charlotte Square, Edinburgh.
Two Telegraph journalists were barred from entering by a member of Mr Salmond’s press team, while other invited journalists were permitted to file past.
Asked why the First Minister’s team was banning journalists from a “public building”, an aide said “it is not a public building, it is a private residence”.
Along with The Daily Telegraph, journalists from the Daily Mail and the Daily Express were also not invited.
The Guardian did not send a reporter after the First Minister’s office attempted to nominate which reporter could be sent.

That's a bit petty isn't it?

 on: Today at 06:56 PM 
Started by Masaka - Last post by boogers
Do you nutters realise that only ~26% of the total Scottish population was in favour of independence? I realise that losing hurts, but can you not be a bit more gracious about it?

So far there's every indication that there is a real willingness for meaningful changes to our political system and democratic process. Cameron said as much to the entire world.

Any reasonable person will realise that this will take some time, and might not necessarily manifest itself in a complete capitulation to the might of the Scottish electorate. The Welsh, Northern Irish and English equally deserve a say in the rebalancing of our system.

Judge how things are going after some time, not on day zero.

 on: Today at 06:48 PM 
Started by Masaka - Last post by The Gnome
Fair post but ironically the main point you make can now be made in reverse. By publicly wanting to break away from the UK, it could be argued he is now grudgingly representing his fans south of the border.

Well that depends on your views about patriotism, like i said earlier he's not a team representing a country he's an individual who happens to be Scottish, who happen to now still be part of the U.K. As an individual, his fanbase is Global, just as much as someone like Federer who has more support worldwide than from his own country, people who say they support Andy only because he is British are not supporting him, they are supporting the country he represents, and that to me is something i don't understand.

As an example, I wouldn't support Lewis Hamilton because he is from England, i can't stand the guy so to me it's more about the individual. As far as i'm concerned, all the people who have decided he is not worth supporting anymore were not true fans of his, their support for him is based on his nationality.

I remember when Tim Henman was making Wimbledon semi finals etc, but i never followed him throughout the year as him being English wasn't important to me, I would actually go as far to say that when he lost it didn't actually bother me as much as it does when Andy loses.

 on: Today at 06:41 PM 
Started by ProdigyEng - Last post by Murray Magic
Hope it's back at Braehead.

 on: Today at 06:40 PM 
Started by Masaka - Last post by Murray Magic
You are just going to have to live with it, or maybe consider emigrating some place else, but please stop with this bitter ranting. Its not going to change a single iota of anything.

And the day I take advice from you Connor on behaviour will be the day I do leave.  This is important for us the same as it would be to you if it was happening to England so please have a little respect.

 on: Today at 06:39 PM 
Started by Mark - Last post by Andyslamfan

 on: Today at 06:38 PM 
Started by Masaka - Last post by Murray Magic
Let it go already, you are exactly right, its only been 24 hours, you can't make governmental decisions like this in 24 hours.

That's the point they are not going to read the Tweet in fact don't was posting it for LB and ILA

 on: Today at 06:37 PM 
Started by ProdigyEng - Last post by eeyorebob
Is this the right thread?

I've put my request in at work for 6th March off - I am waiting to see where the venue is to see if I need to book days off around it for travelling purposes


 on: Today at 06:33 PM 
Started by Masaka - Last post by Connor
Alex Salmond said if he lost the vote he would step down - he kept his word unlike Cameron, Milliband and Clegg.  We have lost a great politician and First Minister.  Scotland has been screwed over the 55% voted No believing more powers were coming - they are not listen to what Salmond said at his PC about Cameron's reply to his question about the timetable.  Bbc journo has just tweeted it.  Salmond tried to tell them it was false promise due to panic they didn't listen.  Massive protest tonight in Glasgow just hope there is no trouble. I will never vote Labour again they have sold us out.  

You are just going to have to live with it, or maybe consider emigrating some place else, but please stop with this bitter ranting. Its not going to change a single iota of anything.

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