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 on: Yesterday at 06:10 AM 
Started by Elly - Last post by blueberryhill
Thank you very much, Aileen.

Thank you, too bbh. Almost didn't recognise you with that new avatar. What's that all about?
A wee joke. A certain person has been calling some of us "butt licking chihuahas"  so I decided to embrace the insult, much as blacks and gays have also embraced insults.
Another one will emerge in 2017, promise. It is horrible!

 on: Yesterday at 05:52 AM 
Started by laundry - Last post by Aileen

 on: Yesterday at 05:22 AM 
Started by Elly - Last post by Aileen
Walk Right Back ....... Everly Bros.

 on: Yesterday at 05:09 AM 
Started by Quackers - Last post by Aileen
Coco Chanel

 on: Yesterday at 05:07 AM 
Started by MurrayRocks!! - Last post by Aileen
Engelbert Humperdinck

 on: Yesterday at 04:11 AM 
Started by boogers - Last post by Aileen

The fact that Trump seems to have grown two horns has not been lost on the Twitterati or some of the media, and also that he's been referred to as the President of the Divided States.  There's nothing original about the horns because Hillary got the same treatment last year, as have Putin, Dubya, Thatcher, Pope Francis and no doubt a few more.  Time deny that this is deliberate and say that it's just the way the M is placed, and yet have managed to do so on many other front pages.  I'm not reading anything this though, just saying,

 on: Yesterday at 02:47 AM 
Started by Elly - Last post by tomthoms
Hi Linda, I was sorry to read your sad news. My condolences and warmest wishes to you, your mum and all your family.

 on: Yesterday at 02:29 AM 
Started by Elly - Last post by tomthoms
Walk on By -- Dionne Warwick

 on: Yesterday at 02:22 AM 
Started by Quackers - Last post by tomthoms
Francis Coppola

 on: Yesterday at 02:18 AM 
Started by Shooting Star - Last post by Aileen
Elena Bovina

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