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Beckham boost for Murray


Source: Telegraph
There are probably not many facets of David Beckham's life that have gone unnoticed, but the England football captain disclosed yesterday that he had "a love for tennis" and had been enjoying the emergence of Britain's teenage player, the "exciting" Andy Murray.

Beckham said:
Do I know who Andy Murray is? Of course I know who Murray is. Everyone in Britain knows who he is. It's good to have new people coming through in tennis. We've obviously got Tim Henman and Greg Rusedski already, but it's great for our country that we've got a talented young player like Murray coming through. I think Murray is great.

I've been watching what Murray has been doing, either in the newspapers or by seeing him on television. It's going to be exciting watching him develop as a player. I think he's one of Britain's best young sportsmen.

When Murray was told he said:
I think it's great that David Beckham loves tennis and has said that he's supporting me. I'm flattered that one of the greatest sporting icons has been following what I'm doing.

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His mother and manager, Judy, was taken by surprise by Beckham's endorsement. "It's incredibly flattering what David said about Andy and me. It's great. Andy loves it. It made him giggle. Andy likes it that, just as tennis players take an interest in football, footballers are now following tennis too."


and a very similar article, but with a slight;y different set of quotes and comments on the superstar lifestyle and tim and greg and such like! Very Happy,,5205-1837518,00.html
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