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Can Murray do the impossible?


Does Andy Murray have the slightest chance of beating Federer if he were to be chosen for the task at the Davis Cup?

Going by this week's MurraysWorld poll he can kiss that dream good-bye right now, but the Telegraph seems just a little bit more optimistic with the prospect:

News Source: Telegraph
Roger Federer has suffered in 74 matches this year two have been against teenagers on clay.

Enter the saviour (hopefully) of British tennis, clay-court specialist, 18-year-old Andy Murray, who did for the reputation of one well known glucose drink what Gerald Ratner did for the jewellery trade when he chundered in front of the world's media recently at the US Open after taking a sip - as he said, "always when I take it, I start to feel a little bit sick".

Far from being sick at the thought of facing Federer, Murray is "chomping at the bit" over the possibility, according to Jeremy Bates, the British Davis Cup captain. The question is, will he be given the opportunity to face Federer? Or would that be a slaughter of the innocent? Bates says he has yet to make his mind up on that one.

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