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Murray battles into semis


It suddenly got very windy in that second set, think may have put Andy off. Also, may have got bored....we all know our Andy, he started to do unnecessary tricks, which sometimes didn't come off!
No, back home now. In fact the Friday is the best day to as they put all the quarters on centre wub
So also saw Hewitt beat Delbot  yay
And Marin beat Berd, even more of a  yay
It is brilliant to be able to share first hand experience with fellow enthusiasts. Andy's talent is absolutely astonishing and seeing it live is just something else.
Feel privileged tbh   
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Was at Queens and saw Andy play 3 matches.
Am even more in thrall with his skills than I was before. wub In fact, during the first set against Mahut, Andy produced some of the best tennis I've ever seen against a player who is terrific on grass and who beat him last year.
Seeing him up close and personal, which you do at Queens, is a magical experience - perfect stop volleys, sweet sliding drop shots, impossible lobs, searing backhands. Oh me oh my.
You just don't get any idea of the power, speed and incredible accuracy of the tennis seeing it on the box.
In the second set his level  did go down a bit and Becker's went up, one of the fascinations of tennis Smile But an incredibly positive for us Andy fans was that Andy was standing toe to toe with Becker and returning his huge forehands with interest!
 yay yay yay

He is quite something to see in the flesh. yes Congrats bbh goodjob
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@ scot
Oh yes... wub
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