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Murray fends off Baghdatis challenge


Hi All,

Great report TMH. clap

I want one of you who understands the technicalities of the game better than I do to consider a thought I've had and tell me if you think I might be right or wrong. I won't mind being told I don't know what I'm talking about, honest lol.

It occurs to me that one of Andy's main strengths is how good his hands are. Everyone seems to say that about him, and the evidence for it is clear. However, does that suggest that timing the ball correctly is vital to his game? It would seem so to me, but I don't understand the game in a big technical sense, so maybe those of you who play the game could put me right.

It just occurs to me that Andy's biggest issue in that first set was that his timing was just that bit off because of the conditions. To be fair, Baggy was struggling at times too in that first set, but he just managed to deal with the conditions that bit better than Andy at first. I think it came down to Andy having been under the roof for two matches, whereas Baggy was out in the open, so he would have been more used to the conditions. I think Andy was playing a cautious game in that first set too, because of the conditions, maybe just a bit too cautious, allowing Baggy to dictate too much.

I do think Andy was more nervous for this one than the first couple of rounds. His reaction to the win said it all. He knows how good Baggy can be, what a potential threat he is. The thing that struck again though was that though he got frustrated with himself at times, he managed to keep a lid on it well. Yes, he muttered a bit at times, but I think that's all right. He wants to do well, he is bound to get edgy when things aren't going his way. The thing I still feel is so positive for him though, is the way he moves on from frustration so much better now, and to my mind yesterday was a classic example. I think he is learning to use the frustration to help him now, rather than allowing it to overtake him. To my mind it helps him to think more clearly and find that other gear.

I was nervous for Andy yesterday, I'll admit that, but I also felt he would find a way through. I just think he copes so much better with adversity now and looks for a way in, it makes watching him, even through tense times, a lot easier.

I must say as well that the crowd helped Andy so much yesterday. The feeling of them being right behind him was palpable. I still think we should demand that we keep this lot and ditch the Pimm's brigade. The good thing about the crowds is that they are supportive (especially of Andy), but they haven't been stupid. They don't call out during play, that sort of thing, which has been known to happen at the Championships.

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