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Murray's arrival a positive for Henman


British number one Tim Henman believes the emergence of Scottish youngster Andy Murray is excellent news for his game

For a long time, Henman has had the burden of being the country's number one player but, now there is someone to share the headlines, he believes that could take some of the pressure of expectation off his shoulders.

Henman said:
In every aspect, having Murray is a big positive for me.

I have talked about it for years and, now he has come along, he is going to be around for a long time and he is going to keep improving.

It's good news for me to have another focal point that is not just going to be a week here and there and I will be a keen spectator in seeing what he does, not just next year but for his whole career.

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and a positive for greg too apparently...

(from the Times)

Meanwhile Rusedski has joined Tim Henman in welcoming the arrival of teenager Andrew Murray on the scene.

Henman said yesterday he was happy that British fans had another "real focal point" and Rusedski added: "I think it is great to have someone to follow myself and Tim and do well in the future.

"However, he does need someone else to come along behind him because Tim and I are not going to be around in five more years and he is going to be around for a while.

"He goes very well from defence to attack, he returns well and he fights from the first point through to the last and he reads the game well."

Rusedski was also impressed by the determination Murray has shown this year in order to improve his ranking to its current high of 71.

"The future looks bright for him, he puts himself on the line and if he has to play for 15 consecutive weeks in a row then he'll do that, which is something others are maybe not willing to do," he added.

"When his ranking gets higher, he will be able to plan a proper schedule, he's good enough to get through most first rounds and it helps that he is a baseline player."
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