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Murray back in action in Madrid


Ruthie, Brad Gilbert is perhaps the one coach he should have stuck with. It was Andy's immaturity that possibly caused the break-up.

I agree that he has been indicating he is seeking a permanent coach. But this situation has been prevalent for close on a year. I should have thought that by now a decision would have been made. Perhaps his quoted intention to appoint a permanent coach is in reality a "smoke-screen" and he wants to remain with his mates in Team Murray and has no desire to have it broken up as a full-time coach would insist.

I agree at one level re Gilbert OSS but I don't think the trouble was just Andy's immaturity.  I could imagine how difficult Gilbert would be to spend so much time with and I get the impression that personal relationships are very important to Andy. So if he found his coach irritating then it would ultimately affect his performance, as it did with Gilbert.  By contrast Nole says his coach is like a father figure to him.  Not sure I really buy the smoke-screen theory as don't see why Andy would need it. As it is, if he can't find someone, it looks as if there's noone good willing to take him on, which not very good for his reputation.
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