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Fractious Murray outlasts Stepanek

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Re: Fractious Murray outlasts Stepanek « Reply #45 on: October 13, 2012, 09:58 AM »

IonaeRd, thanks for drawing our attention to the Scotsmans article. I didnt see the match but realise now what a struggle it was, playing Radek at his best. Summed up by the man himself:

 “I just managed to turn it around in time,” Murray said. “I actually played very well I thought the last ten, 15 minutes of the match. But it was quite scrappy, the first couple of sets. For me, the beginning of the third set was what was most frustrating. I played a couple of really poor shots I would hopefully not normally make on points like that.

“He got that game. Then I got broken the following game after a couple long rallies. He had some unbelievable gets. That period of the match was tough.

“I started going for my shots and dictated a majority of those at the end of the match. Obviously I needed to because he was playing with a lot of variety, making it hard for me. I was a little bit tentative on some shots. I allowed him to come forward. When I managed to push him back behind the baseline, I started to open up the court better and just had a little bit more intensity at the end of the match.”

At least Murray was feeling a little better than he had earlier in the week, even if did not look like a well man. Still trying to shake off a virus infection, he was gulping down air after long rallies and could not find the spark he needed to ignite his game until deep into the match.

“I just picked the bug up on the flight,” Murray said. “I had a sore throat and swollen glands. Then it kind of went down to my chest and I haven’t been able to get rid of it.”

Get well soon Andy.  wub The body's immune system needs rest to fight infection and 3 sets of tennis isnt exactly what the doctor orderd. doctor
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Re: Fractious Murray outlasts Stepanek « Reply #46 on: October 13, 2012, 11:59 AM »

To me Boogers is an integral part of my Murray World experience. Particularly his appearances on the live match threads.

He represents the part of me that is thinking “What is that stupid bugger doing out there?! Why is being so passive?!” etc. while I am actually posting “MON’ ANDY!” There has been many, many times whilst he has been pointing out to us all just how pathetic Andy’s play is or predicting Andy’s loss of the match, I wished he was within arms reach so I could grab him by the throat and shut the ******* up! (Or, at least have him in hologram form so I could shout at it/him and throw stuff at him!) But, as many times as I have felt the need to grab him, I have enjoyed witnessing an Andy come-back that shuts the ******* up! (And I kind of suspect that Boogers has been expecting that come-back all along).

Boogers is my alter ego’s voice of all those many times that Andy Murray is not playing like Andy Murray can/should. He relates those times like they are; No thrills, no excuses, no bullsh*t!

Boogers is the fan that lives within us all who knows Andy can play a lot better than that and he sets out to let us all know that he is pissed off that Andy is not!

Boogers has been a devoted fan long enough to merit being an integral. Without Boogers out there, Murray World would not be the Murray World we all know and Andy’s match turn-arounds would not be as half enjoyable as they are.  Thanks for your input and keep up the good work Boogers.  (Ya *******!)   thumb up
Very well said Tom.  I think Boogers is probably the alter ego of a lot of people on MW, should they care to admit it or even recognise it. 
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Re: Fractious Murray outlasts Stepanek « Reply #47 on: October 13, 2012, 01:19 PM »

One last message on Boogers’ report on the Murray-Stepanek match and then I’m gone. I am not surprised at the support for Boogers as I’ve seen it before. That support seems to say: 1) he takes time from a busy schedule to volunteer as a reporter for the site, and 2) he has been a member of Murraysworld  for a long time.  Both of those conditions are certainly admirable, but I don’t think they justify a report like this one.  Complaints about Murray’s language have been hashed over on this site and elsewhere for a long time.  He swears when frustrated. Do any of us do the same?  Do any other athletes do the same?  Do any other tennis players do the same? Great Britain had a well-known tennis player who was held as a model of gentlemanly behavior. His name was Tim Henman.  Indeed, if you listen to the pre-match commentary when Murray first defeated Henman you will hear the contrast drawn between “Middle England" and “urban”  and between “red wine” and “alco-pop.”  I think we know who was which and what behavior was supposed to characterize those stereotypes.  Which player would you rather have had?   My complaint about this report can be summed up as follows. It reads like a grudging acknowledgement that the dog brought his master’s slippers but didn’t do it fast enough and didn’t wag his tail.  Murray is a world class athlete and deserves a bit better than that.

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Re: Fractious Murray outlasts Stepanek « Reply #48 on: October 13, 2012, 04:16 PM »

Shame you're not around when the Fed fans are on here putting Andy down!  Whistle
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Re: Fractious Murray outlasts Stepanek « Reply #49 on: October 13, 2012, 04:41 PM »

well I for one am sorry that psu will now be gone.
I don't claim to be able to write a match report -and indeed doubt I'd ever be invited to join the excellent team of writers who do write them - but I don't think that means I and others are not allowed to be critical when a report, the first thing someone reads when coming to our website, is so negative.  And it's that public face of MW which is why I don't think it's good for all those alter egos to be exposed in what stands as an official report.
Boogers I recall after USO you acknowleged the mantle of resident eeyore and warned that Andy might have a dip after USO.  For once I agreed with you ie that we should accept there might be a dip.   But some of your postings since then have been worthy of eeyore on speed.  Whistle
Incidentally according to today's paper Andy has a bronchial infection which I'd have thought would have affected the ability to move round the court as we saw yesterday.  Just really pleased he has either thrown it off or was able to play through it today.
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