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Murray learns when to explode


The similarities between Federer and Murray are worth noting. Both finished their 18th years ranked in the mid-60s in the world, and both began their careers as angry young men. The difference is that Murray seems to be a quicker learner than his Swiss counterpart.

When Federer started out, he was a racket smasher par excellence. His talent was obvious to all, but he could not control his feelings, nor could he understand the emotional ebb and flow of a match.

Federer confirmed:
It took me a long time because I was rather crazy when I was young.

Murray condensed that experience into three matches at Wimbledon last year. In the third, as he raced to a two-set lead over David Nalbandian, he was flying high. Then Nalbandian hit back, Murray's adrenaline rush was over, and suddenly he was exhausted. That is when cramp set in: it was a valuable lesson that he took very much to heart.

Murray said:
I don't think this year I've been like that. In San Jose I wasn't like that at all. I was quite relaxed on court, I wasn't getting too angry, so I think the older I get, I'm going to learn to stay calm a little bit more. I don't think I'm going to be like that so much now.

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