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Murray talks to Sky News


Latest Update: Find MurraysWorld's audio recording of that interview here.

Andy Murray gave Sky News a TV interview today, that interview should continue to air for the rest of today on Sky News and Sky Sports News.

Update: Due to the death of George Best, Murray's interview is no longer being shown on TV. However thanks to MurraysWorld user, hulahoop, we have the full interview transcript as aired on TV:

Murray said:
I want to get into the top 20 by the end of next year. It is going to be hard but I think if I start next year well, I don't have any points to defend for the first six months; so if I have a few good tournaments and play well in Australia, I will have a chance.

A snippet from the interview that was only aired on Sky News in the morning and early afternoon:

So what's the aim for the hair?
Well I'm going for 12 months growth (Big grin) I'm going to cut it in March next year. The last time I cut it was about 7, 8 months ago- so I'll cut it when I go to America at the start of next year.

I know you've been accused of being a bit grumpy. Are you?
I'm 18. I think a lot of teenagers get a bit grumpy sometimes. But I'm going to try and stop that.

Are you any closer to a date with Maria Sharapova?
(grin) No, I've gone off her a bit, there's someone else I'm fond of.

More transcript here.

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