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Murray's next coach, for realz?  (Voting closed: April 01, 2011, 07:01 PM)
Ivan Lendl - 4 (30.8%)
Jimmy Connors - 0 (0%)
Andre Agassi - 1 (7.7%)
Brad Gilbert - 1 (7.7%)
Barry Cowan - 2 (15.4%)
Someone else - 5 (38.5%)
Total Voters: 13

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Murray unveils Cowan as new coach


He gets injured every year without fail.

DjokoGOAT really needs to take it easy this Clay season, but as he's too obsessed with being #1 he's only going one way.

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Your point is he lost 3 Slam finals.

Which is why I said initially that the results are irrelevent.
I'm not sure how you reach that conclusion, but I'll leave you to your twisted logic.
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Judy tweeted earlier "Baz Cowan (SkySports) on Djoko "He just plays each point as it comes" ????? Is there any other way tweeps?"
Andy replied with "@judmoo but remember the deeper u try to hit the ball the more chance there is of hitting it long...."
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