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Murray is going to be his own man


Sometimes it is hard to remember that Scotland's finest is still only 18 years old. In many ways he is a typical teenager - he gives his mother, Judy, grief for her hairstyle and her singing, he bridles at the thought of wearing a suit and a tie (he was given a suit once for Davis Cup duty but looks horrified at the thought of getting another), and he is never seen without his iPod.

The occasional fits of pique and jabs at his critics were a thing of the past. The ambition was still plain to see.

Murray said:
I'd like to win a grand slam and I think I've got a good chance of doing it.

By Wimbledon next year I won't be showing as much emotion on court, I don't think. One reason for it is that I'm such a perfectionist. I get annoyed when I make stupid mistakes.

He has looked at the tape of the Bangkok final and spotted five key areas to work on with Mark Petchey, his coach. With a large grin, he says he has also looked at tapes of Petchey's old matches and decided there is not a lot he can learn from there. But with the affable Petchey as his sounding board as much as his teacher, the excitement in Murray's eyes is plain to see as he views the upcoming tournaments in Basle and Paris and the Christmas break of training and practise.

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lol poor petch  :rolleyes:

and judy - your hair looks good!! no-ones hair in the tennis world escapes the roving eyes of ha ha ha :twisted:
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