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Andy Murray vs Jurgen Melzer, Wednesday, Estimated time - 12:45pm BST - Discuss the match
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Raonic Rampant against Scottish Lion

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Re: Raonic Rampant against Scottish Lion « Reply #60 on: May 03, 2012, 07:39 AM »

OK guys.......Nobody is suggesting that Andy should come into the net 'all the time'.....just more often.......like he used to do and also like his opponents often do.......usually winning the point in the process! Too often these days, it seems like he's quite content to slog it out from the baseline and wait for the other guy to 'gift' him the point, instead of going in and taking it! He seems to be able to do this when he's getting desperate though.......as in the second set against Raonic! If he had done that from the start, I doubt he'd have lost the match!

I agree Caz. Smile There's lots of rallies that go on for longer than they need to because Andy's so reluctant to come in and volley. But when he does he usually wins the point as he's very talented at the net.
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Re: Raonic Rampant against Scottish Lion « Reply #61 on: May 03, 2012, 07:55 AM »

I agree that Andy should come into the net more often as he has such great hands (look at the match against Llodra).  It was a joy to watch.  Raonic is still inconstistent and can not carry off the serve every match just like Isner.  Tsonga has just lost to Tommy Haas and only sereved 2 aces.  I haven't seen aany nasty remarks about him.  Andy will get better on clay as tiome goes on.
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Re: Raonic Rampant against Scottish Lion « Reply #62 on: May 03, 2012, 01:29 PM »

Last year, when Tsonga was playing well, people, not here, were using phrases like "player to beat" "slam winner" "Fed and Tsonga top 2" blahblah
I would say last year, out of the top 10, only Nole and Rafa were consistent day in day out, and even those two faded after USOpen.
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Re: Raonic Rampant against Scottish Lion « Reply #63 on: May 03, 2012, 03:30 PM »

I would say that Andy was consistent in the fact that he has made it to 5 consecutive semi-final GS. He does seem to do better at the end of the season barring injury.  The phrases 'player to beat' etc have been said so often about players who do not live up to it.   The commentators say this far too quickly when a player has a win over a top player.  Cilic was supposed to be a potential GS winner and what has happened to him.
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Re: Raonic Rampant against Scottish Lion « Reply #64 on: May 03, 2012, 07:15 PM »

On clay it is easier to set up the point and come in. There is more time as the court is slower, he should do this obviously not to confident to do it. He really should start adopting this tactic he would win so many points instead of hitting continually from the baseline.

Come on Andy, I want you win the fench salem
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Re: Raonic Rampant against Scottish Lion « Reply #65 on: May 04, 2012, 11:48 AM »

Well, I've read all the comments and now, here's my opinion for what it's worth! All of you who know me, will know that I've never played tennis in my life and know nothing about the technicalities of the game! All I can tell you is that Andy Murray made me fall in love with the game......his game in particular, with his lobs and dropshots and those wonderful passes down the line! God he was 'famous' for those lobs! When I see him these days, he doesn't look like he's playing his 'natural' game........A lot of the time, he doesn't even look comfortable on court! Apart from the consistancy of his serve, I've never thought his 'game' needed fixing......only his 'mental attitude' to his game, which is what I'd hoped Mr. Lendl would help him with! And what's all this about needing a set to warm up? Where would Linford Christie have been if he'd used the start of 'his game to warm up?......Last....that's where! I notice Andy is capable of coming out 'all guns blazing' when he's up against one of the top three! If he can do that, he can do it every time! That's all part of the 'mental attitude' as well! Mr. Lendl.......if you're reading this, please help sort Andy's 'head' out and leave his 'game' alone! I'm expecting to get shot down in flames by all you who understand a lot more about the game than I do, and that's ok......I won't argue with you, but that's my opinion and nobody will change it!
I agree with the head thing, if he comes on the court like he's carrying a big rock on his back, he can't be enjoying his day at work. Get back to "playing" the game and enjoy your work Man! It's as much a head game as it is tennis skill. He's got the tennis skills, but his head at times is where the sun never shines! Ivan the terrible needs to pass the cold nerves of steel impression he gave on to Andy and let him play his game...tuned up a bit of course!
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Re: Raonic Rampant against Scottish Lion « Reply #66 on: July 16, 2012, 03:54 PM »

Hi All,

I know I'm dipping in to this topic really late, as a newcomer (although I feel like I've been here ages, because you've all made me welcome and I feel so comfortable to express views openly) but the one thing no one has mentioned in terms of Barcelona, or indeed any of Andy's clay performances this year, was his back.

I don't like to harp on about it, and I wouldn't want anyone to think I'm making excuses for Andy, but I do think his back issue is relevant. Clay is arguably the toughest surface to play on because matches can be such a grind. On the grass and the hard courts points tend to be quick, matches likewise (generally) and those surfaces are easier on the body than the clay.

I do think Andy's movement isn't quite as good on the clay as on the grass and hard courts even when he is fit, but with an injury as well, in retrospect I don't think the clay was ever going to be easy this year. I suppose it could be argued as a setback, based on how good last year was, but still.

What I do think is that Andy's performances on the clay have been pretty consist, even if they haven't reached the heights of last year, with a few quarter final places, including Roland Garros.

I do think in general this year Andy has had the odd quirky early round loss, but I can honestly say I'm not worried about that, although I realise I'm saying this off the back of a great Wimbledon run. I'm sure the back has been relevant, and perhaps in the early part of the year it did take a while for Lendl's input to have a real effect as well, but what I do think is that there has been a bit of a shift in Andy's focus since Lendl came on the scene. It seems to me that Andy is now going all out in the majors, making them what his year is about. There was a great run in AO, where he took Djokovic close in the semi's (at five all in the fifth I screamed so loud I wet myself!!), a run to the quarter finals at the FO, which is arguably not Andy's best surface anyway, and he has never beaten Ferrer on the clay either, and now a wonderful performance at Wimbledon. It makes me excited for the US.

In term of the loss to Raonic, I just think it was one of those things to be honest. It was the first time they've met, and Raonic, if I recall, was having a good run that week. My question is whether or not Raonic will cut it in the majors, i.e getting towards the business end, and I must say I've yet to be convinced. He just seems to run a bit hot and cold to me, a bit like Dologopolov, who can be brilliant, but can also be quite dire. I would also question Raonic's fitness. He just looks a bit lumbering to me, a bit too 'well built.'
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