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Please pick the 7 following choices
RTR should be started again - 3 (15%)
RTR shouldn't be started again - 0 (0%)
Should do a winner just for each tournament - 1 (5%)
Should do a winner just for the whole year - 0 (0%)
Should do a winner for each tournament AND the whole year - 2 (10%)
Just do grandslams - 1 (5%)
Do grandslams + masters - 1 (5%)
Just do a tournament if somebody decides to make a post for it - 1 (5%)
Only award points for an exact match in sets and the winner - 1 (5%)
Keep the points scoring the same - 1 (5%)
Keep banker option - 1 (5%)
Remove banker option - 2 (10%)
Post every match for the day and let people pick which matches to guess on (up to an amount) - 2 (10%)
Keep it the same so post starters choiose which matches people pick - 1 (5%)
Make it so players should post their own scores in the match thread - 1 (5%)
Keep it so organizers add up all the scores - 2 (10%)
Total Voters: 4

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Rule change proposals


A continuation of RTR and rule changes have been suggested in this thread:

So I am just taking a poll to see what people think, there are 7 different questions in the poll. Perhaps the regular people player RTR before should be PMed? I personally don't want to PM people though cause I'm shy lol and don't want to look like im in charge or anything.

For reference:

Ok maybe it's not wise for me to comment in RTR again but I will go against better judgement and make some suggestions lol. ok here it goes:

1) Do individual champions JUST for each tournament and not an overall year winner. This way nobody will need to keep track of scores and it will not matter if you miss a tournament in the year (as how it was missing a couple of tournaments could put you out of contention for winning in the year).

2) Consider perhaps ONLY doing grand-slam tournaments, this way you are only doing RTR 4 times a year and people won't get fatigued or bored with it.

3) Only award points for an exact match in sets and the winner (say 10 points). This will make scoring a lot easier.

4) Let people make a prediction about ANY 4 matches on the day. The thread starter can then simply copy/paste the list of every match into the post from a score site (like or something. The list of matches for the next day is normally posted on those sites for the next day so the thread starter can post a thread the day before. This method has several benefits:

- Firstly it is much easier and quicker for a thread starter since they can simply copy and paste the list very quickly and do not need to make any decisions on which matches to pick. It might then be simple enough to allow anybody to start a match thread?

-Secondly it will make things more interesting as people can make predictions about different matches and the ones they are interested in.

- Thirdly, and I think this is a big benefit: If people come late to the thread and miss the start of some matches there will still be plenty of other matches they could choose to make predictions for which are on later in the day. Or again if somebody withdraws due to injury that match could be nullified and they could get the chance the make a prediction on another later match (the only caveat is if an injury occurs in the last match of the day?).

Of course when it gets the the SF and final you would only then do 2 and 1 matches . Maybe you could up the scores so a match is worth 15 for the SF and 20 for the final to make the end of the tournament a bit more exciting? It will still be easy to score.

5) Consider getting people to post their own scores in the match day thread, so they have to check themselves what they got right. This way the emphasis is purely on the players so it will be their own fault if they miss out their score, and it will be a heck of a lot less work for the organizers. I'm sure most people here are trustworthy enough to do their own scoring and if anybody is doing it wrong or cheating I'm sure someone will eventually realize. Or perhaps do a mixed system where people should be responsible for posting their own score in the match day thread but if somebody wanted they could voluntarily go through the thread and post everybody's scores as well.

Then really an organizer (or any member really) could add up a tally of the scores just at the end of the tournament or perhaps just before the final so people know what the scores are going into the final. If all the scores are posted in the threads it should take that long for somebody to go through the days and put them in an excel spreadsheet.
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Thanks for creating the poll! Smile
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