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Queens 2012 - The Other Players

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Re: Queens - The Other Players « Reply #210 on: June 22, 2012, 04:25 PM »

I know this is a couple of days old.. but I just found out how Andy felt about the Nalby incident. Until now, I didn't realise he'd made any comment. And I'm always interested in anything Andy has to say.. especially as he himself is in the 'trenches':


Murray, the defending Queen's champion, was watching highlights of Sunday's Queen's final while working out in the gym at Wimbledon, having lost to Nicolas Mahut in his opening match. "I looked up and I saw the match had been stopped," he said. "He ended up saying things that he probably didn't mean to say but you've got to protect the players. He was very angry – you could see clearly that he was still arguing before ... he was shaking his head when he was walking up [to Barker]. As soon as he said 'but' they should have taken the microphone away. "In any other sport, if someone flips out or snaps, you don't stick a microphone in their face and try and get them to speak. You're going to say something you don't really mean or regret.

"I've practised with him many times. I played him in my first Wimbledon. I've known him a long, long time. I don't know why he did it. I've never felt like putting my foot through something … but it happens. He's been on the tour a long time. He just got very angry and got put in a very difficult situation when he was still very upset, clearly. I personally wouldn't do that … Well, I hope I don't do it."
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