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Roddick! another cute Andy!


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hmn.. i don't like Sharapova to.. at all!!!  no
- the grunting is not very appropriate! yes.. the Williams sisters can bark out an ear drum breaker too.. but for someone as young as Sharapova - the grunts.. im sorry! Awfull!
- Yes, she's pretty but.. i don't think girls should be jealous of that! and her TV adverts.. im sorry - in my eyes, it looks like she's selling herself!  :uhm:
- and on numerous occasions i haven't liked her attitude.. i can't state a clear reason but it seems like this fame is all to do with looks.. yes she is talented and the best russian player at the moment.. just something which makes her.. different!  Think

And to all the Maria fans - if you don't agree with what i've said above - it's nothing personal! i just wanted to put across my opinion without upsetting the fans! Very Happy

Remember when she did that advert for some kind of deodorant and they used her voice for a couple of weeks then suddenly they replaced it with an American voice - I think probably because she sounded so fake  dontknow

yeaa! i think it was the Palmolive deoderant... she had this ridiculous voice like "this is the key to a good performance.. it keeps you going to the highest extremes..."  :uhm:
They left it for russian TV but it was changed for British viewing.. great job Maria!  :P
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Yeah that's the one, I think it made me cringe when I first saw it - I can't stand bad acting. Thing is, she was trying to act being herself and she coudn't manage it Smile
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