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Neil Harman resigns from ITWA, Admits to Plagiarism.

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Re: Neil Harman resigns from ITWA, Admits to Plagiarism. « Reply #30 on: Today at 10:59 AM »

It's shocking really. When the story first broke I wondered if it had just been a few instances where he'd forgotten to attribute a source. While this should always be avoided, it can sometimes happen accidentally. But the fact that there are 52 instances across three editions *and* that certain words had been changed in the passages shows how widespread the plagiarism was - and suggests an intent to pass the work off as his own.

Surely he must have known that other writers were likely to read the Wimbledon yearbook and recognise their own work? It's such a risk to take. And it looks bad for Wimbledon that they knew about this but still continued to sell the yearbook and gave Neil Harman his usual tournament privileges, just quietly dropping him from this year's edition.

If he was a student and had done this in a dissertation or thesis, the consequences would be really serious. Whether he's dropped from the Times may well partly depend on the reactions of the other British writers, and crucially of course whether the plagiarism extends to any of his Times pieces. As it stands, the story's only been reported on twitter and in online magazines/blogs. But even if he stays, what a shame for him to tarnish the reputation he's built up over years like this.
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Re: Neil Harman resigns from ITWA, Admits to Plagiarism. « Reply #31 on: Today at 11:30 AM »

He's an arrogant, egotistical, toadying little pr*ck who declared himself 'shocked' at the extent of the plagiarism. How can you be shocked at your OWN plagiarism? The words didn't just fall from the end of his pen.

I'm very angry about this. I'm a professional writer and plagiarism is as low as it gets, professionally. It's like a builder taking home the copper piping from the site when the boss isn't looking.

In some ways, I'm glad it's come out. Because it can be stopped and because he can be exposed as the lying sham that he is. He's the ultimate example of someone not especially talented, part of the old boys' network, ex-public schoolboy, licking the right backsides and fawning up to the right people.

I hope The Times throw the book at him, but they've already let Simon Barnes go and need someone to cover the USO Series.
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