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Set up in 2005, MurraysWorld.com is the longest-running Andy Murray website and has won a reputation as an authoritative source for news and opinion on Britain's number one tennis player.

The website has been represented on BBC News, Sky News and BBC Radio. The Guardian and Scotsman newspapers have also referred to MurraysWorld.

MurraysWorld is a strictly non-profit organisation run by a group of volunteers whose contributions to the website are fuelled by their enthusiasm for tennis and for helping the community.

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Publisher's statement

Our organisation intends and works to publish accurate statements of fact to the best of our knowledge. While our opinions and judgements may respectfully differ from yours, please use our contact form to send us any corrections of fact, along with your basis for believing them.

The history of MurraysWorld.com

On 25th June 2005, university student Mark Sanger watched spellbound as an unknown British teenager took former Wimbledon finalist David Nalbandian to five sets on the All England Club's hallowed Centre Court. That teenager was Andy Murray. With Tim Henman winding down his career, Mark, like many Brits, had thought he might have to wait a generation for another world-class home player. He became an instant fan.

After the match, Mark googled 'Andy Murray', but was surprised to discover no dedicated website for the young Scot. With some experience of web development, Mark made it his mission to create a site where other fans could gather and exchange opinion on Murray.

Days after its creation on 4th July 2005, MurraysWorld.com had already begun to receive traffic from around the world. Within weeks, the website had turned into the friendly community it is now – one renowned for its non-fanboy-like objectiveness about everything Andy Murray.

In November 2005, Murray's then management company, Octagon, invited Mark to a meeting. Octagon was keen to turn MurraysWorld into Andy's official website and wanted Mark at the helm. However, shortly after these talks, the Scot switched management company to ACE Group, with no agreement being reached.

MurraysWorld prides itself on its journalistic principles and dedication to Andy Murray's fans. At all times, the site aims to be honest about Murray's performances and career, and to be generally positive and constructive. In everything the site does, its primary focus on working hard for Murray's supporters shines through.