Andy Murray Girlfriend

Kim Sears is the girlfriend of Andy Murray, their relationship ended briefly in 2009 before they reconciled in 2010. Sears is also daughter to Nigel Sears, who is the former tennis coach of the Slovak player Daniela Hantuchov√°. The couple live in a house in Surrey, and reportedly started dating at the U.S. Open in September 2005.

Kim Sears grew up in the village of Barcombe, East Sussex, with her younger brother Scott. Before meeting Andy Murray she was a student at the public school, Burgess Hill School, where she had received A-levels.

Forename: Kim

Surname: Sears

Birth Date: 12/10/1987

Nationality: British (English)

Home: Surrey, England.

Place of Study: Sussex University (studied English)

Interests: Acting, Gym/Fitness.

Father: Nigel Sears, coached Daniela Hantuchova at WTA level.

The Future: Kim has blogged that she would like to get married and have children.

Relationship: Reportedly Kim Sears started dating Andy Murray at the US Open in 2005, their relationship became public in 2006.

Comments from Murray:
Referring to his success after having his girlfriend travel with him while his coach, Mark Petchey at the time, was unavailable.

Hopefully she'll come to a few more tournaments. He was a bit worried I was going to sack him and hire my girlfriend.

It is the first time she has come to a tournament with me, and maybe I have been a little more relaxed on court.

Comments from Kim Sears:
Asked if she would be following Miss McLoughlin's route to glitzy premieres and Vogue photo shoots:

No. Sorry. It's not about me, it's about Andy.

Playing down the romanticism of the very public kiss at San Jose, 2006:

It's a bit of fuss over nothing. It wasn't planned.

Comments from third parties:
Neil Broad remembers the early stages of the Murray-Sears romance:

Kim and Andrew weren't together that much. That's why I didn't think it was that serious. They played with the younger kids together on the beach and it looked more friendly than flirtatious. I don't think they were a big item at that stage.

I saw Andrew winning on the television, and yes, I guess I was surprised to see Kim in the box.

One tennis observer thinks Murray showed the same kind of dedication to pursuing Kim as he does to his tennis:

Andy had been chasing her for a short time, telephoning her for about a year. It seems that he finally won her over at last year's US Open in New York when her dad flew his family out.

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