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Who Will Win?
Booray in 2
Booray in 3
Goodall/Hutchins in 2
Goodall/Hutchins in 3

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J. Murray/Butorac win Nottingham Open


The Boys,done good as they say,Hope it continues at Wimbeldon.Wonder if Booty has any British relatives.or could staying at Roehampton qualify him as British by association?then he could play with Jamie in the Davis Cup.

Little bit from Booty's blog on

4:40 - On court BBC interview where Jamie was asked for the 37th time that day...."How's Andy's wrist?"

5:10 - Press Conference, where I was asked, "Do you have a British relative or is there any chance you'll marry an British girl before the Davis Cup match in September?" Answers were, Don't think so....and unlikely....but you never know!

Great minds!
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