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Who gets the slam first?
Andy - 3 (37.5%)
Jamie - 4 (50%)
Both at the same tournament! - 1 (12.5%)
Total Voters: 7

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Jamie to get GS title before Andy?


Looks like Jamie is reasonably confident he'll get a Grand Slam title sometime soon, maybe even before Andy. That's a fair assumption considering how singles is so utterly dominated with Federer where with doubles, Jamie rightfully points out there is more scope for an upset.

In reponse to the suggestion of a Grand Slam title, Jamie says:
It could be a good bet and you'd probably get some good odds too!

I've never thought about if I could win a Slam before Andy because either one of us could be first.

Andy is bordering on the top 10 now so when the Grand Slams come round he is up there amongst the favourites, but in the doubles there is more scope for an upset.

With Federer and Nadal, when he is on clay, it is more predictable whereas the doubles is more open. The Bryans have dominated but they still lose.

They are losing more matches than Federer so there is always a chance and I'll be trying my best.

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I'm sure Andy would be just as happy for his bro to win one before him.
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I think Jamie will get a GS title before Murray although I hope it is the other way around for sure!
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