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Andy's points


I guess most people on MW understand how rankings work now...
So here is something really useful if you want to calculate Andy's ranking:
Sorry that this is so poorly done but I am too lazy to convert this into a table now Wink

Week of               Points defending from                 Points defending

January 1 2007                    Adelaide                           15  **
January 8 2007                    Auckland                          15  **
January 15 2007                  Australian Open                5   **
January 22 2007                
January 29  2007                 Zagreb                               5
February 5  2007                              
February 12 2007                San Jose                           175 **
February 19 2007                Memphis                              60**
February 26 2007                Las Vegas                            5
March 5 2007                       Indian Wells MS                  20**  
March 12 2007                     
March 19 2007                     Miami MS                             5**
March 26 2007
April 2 2007
April 9 2007                     
April 16 2007                       Monte Carlo MS                    5**
April 23 2007                      Barcelona                         15
April 30 2006                      SpainF6                              2
May 8 2006
May 15 2006                      Dresden                              5
May 22 2006
May 29 2006
June 5 2006                       Queen’s                          20 **
June 12 2006           
June 19 2006                    Wimbledon                       75 **
June 26 2006
July 3 2006                          Newport                        15
July 10 2006                       Aptos                              60 **
July 17 2006                       Indianapolis                      10
July 24 2006                       Granby                             14       
July 31 2006                        Vancouver                        16 **
August 7 2006                     Binghamton                      50 **
August 14 2006                   Cincinnati                          35 **
August 21 2006
August 28 2006                    US Open                         50 **
September 4 2006
September 11 2006
September 18 2006
September 25 2006              Bangkok                       120 **
October 2 2006                     Mons                             21 **
October 9 2006
October 16 2006
October 23 2006                  Basel                               60 **
October 30 2006
November 6 2006
November 13 2006
November 20 2006
November 27 2006
December 4 2006
December 11 2006
December 18 2006
December 25 2006

** denotes that the points from that week count as one of his best 18. With this everyone can calculate his points after every week. I will update it after every week.
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ie once memphis is taken into account he effectively has no points to defend till queens since his one in march last year will be cancelled out
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Quote from: "iaintheviolaplayer"
ie once memphis is taken into account he effectively has no points to defend till queens since his one in march last year will be cancelled out

Very true. So from now on every week he performs well his ranking will go forward by a huge margin!
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Updated as of 27th february 2006.
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But he will soon be playing a lot of mandatory tournies that he hasn't played before (masters events + roland garros), so even if he does badly in them, the (potentially measly) amount of points will be replacing points he's already counting. So he does "kind of" have points to defend.

He's got 6 mandatory tourines til queens, so each time he plays one of those he'll be "effectively defending" the following points from last year:

Indy 10
Granby 14
Newport 15
Adelaide 15
Auckland 15
Vancouver 16

So actually that's not too bad, but still, if he gets some 1st round exits in the upcoming 6 mandatory tournies, he could go backwards!
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not really much likliehood of andy rising a lot after this week.his 18th best score is 14 and therefore he would need to get to the semis to improve his own points total

W              35
F               24
SF             15
QF             8
R16           3
R32           1

noone above whoevers ranked 169 is defending points this week therefore as i see it tyhe only gain andy can make is in in his own points since noone above him will drop.this means his greatest possible gain is 21 points which as things stand from last week would take him to 38th place.i think this means that if everyone in the 3 places above him exits before the semis this week this rise would be possible but he would have to win the tournament as well
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Sorry Ian but those are race points not entry points. It is bloody confusing I know.
Entry points are more like:

W 175
F 120
SF 75
QF 40
R16 15
R32 5

And I think his 18th best is Indy - 10.

A QF loss would see him up 3ish places and a SF loss would see him up 6ish places.
A R16 loss or worse would be maybe up 1 place or nowt.

Arka and I will, no doubt, give more accurate predictions as the week progresses.
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y doesn't the atp tour do quality points? in the WTA u get extra points for beating certain opponents... for example beating the number 10 player in the world would get u 10 extra or something like that and beating the number 3 would get you 35 or something... i don't remember the numbers exactly but i wonder why the atp doesnt do this
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They got rid of this after The Rusedski US open final in the mens I believe? Correct me if I'm wrong.
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Quote are right as always in these matters.i had wondered why the points were so low but want thinking properly.
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i didnt kno they ever had it... if the fact that rusedski got to the final made them get rid of it that makes no sense because he was good enough for a slam final just never closed it out
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Entry points is race points multiplied by five.
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no it was the fact that the guy who beat Rusedski got a huge heik in points for beating world number 4 but Rusedski was injured. I don't know if it was actually in The US open or perhaps in another tournament around that time. They thought it was unfair so they dropped it from the mens game. I think i heard a commentator say that once ages ago. Anyone know exactly?
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who beat rusedski in the final? do you kno what year? i could find out who it was if u tell me the year
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What are you guys speaking about? The US Open final which Greg lost? If so it was to Pat Rafter, i'm pretty sure. But I dont think the rules were changed after that. Will try to find it out...
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