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Andy goes to Manchester next week!


I found this article:

"Murray to go to Manchester to learn from Kahn
Andy watching ringside
After watching Amir Kahn defeat Steve Gethin on Saturday night from his ringside position Andy was full of praise for another of Britain's rising stars. "“Amir has really inspired me,” He’s done such a lot and I believe I can do the same. He’s very special, winning a silver medal (at the Olympic Games) when he was so young.

"We are both part of this younger generation of sportsmen coming through in this country and I like to think we can learn from each other and help each other to further success. There is a lot of pressure on Amir but he is a nice lad and I was impressed with his performance. He is very quick and sharp and I am sure he is going to be very big in the future."

So impressed was Andy with Kahn, that he will travel to Manchester this week to watch how the 18 year old from Bolton trains. Andy's level of finess has (somewhat unfairly) been a well documented issue this year and he hopes to learn from Kahn ahead of his winter training block.

"I’m going up to see him next Friday, I’m looking forward to that,” Murray said. “I’m going to hopefully get a few tips on how to get in great shape. I just want to go and see what they do and how good they are because everybody says that boxers train really hard. These guys are always in great shape and I would love to be in the same shape. They fight every three months, so it’s a little bit different to tennis. I’ve got four weeks in December to get ready for next year and I want to be in the best shape I can be and then try and maintain it. I’ll see what Amir does and then maybe I can work on some of that in December."

Kahn has spoken of his admiration for Andy previously saying, "He made a big name for himself at Wimbledon and there are similarities in the pressures and expectations because we are still young. Maybe we can help each other out". However with regards to how much he can help Andy's tennis Amir joked at the weekend, "I punch people, he hits a ball — it’s a bit different, isn’t it?” "

Its so cool, hardly any famous people come up to Manchester.  I love about 30 minutes away, I wish I could just take the week off college and work and go Manchester and be on the lookout for him lol.  But I'm not that sad to actually do it lol. Still Wikid!

I'm actually going to the MEN arena in Manchester on the 18th of this month to see Lee Evans live, I love him! SO funny.

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