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Source of the type up is here I believe:

Rising from 411 at he start of the year to end it 63, Andy Murray has been one of the sensations of 2005. Dominic Bliss meets a man who loves boxing and computer games but hates practising.

ACE: What would you have done if you hadn't become a proessional tennis player?
Andy Murray: I used to love playing football. I was once asked to train at the (Glasgow) Rangers school of excellence. I still prefer watching football to tennis. But boxing is my favourite sport. If I was world champion in anything I would have liked it to be in boxing. But I wouldn't like to get punched every week. So I suppose I would probably be a footballer.

ACE: Would you choose to play for Hibernian, the team you support?
Andy Murray: Hibs are rubbish. I'd play for a better team than that. Starting out I'd play for Hibs, then Barcelona.

ACE: If there was one rule in tennis you could change, what would it be?
Andy Murray: I think you should be allowed to be coached during matches. You have to pay a lot of money for a coach to travel with you and if he can't help you in the most important times, there's not much point in having him. A lot of coaches coach their players secretly during matches anyway. Some of them use signs. I think every coach tries to get a message across. If they don't try to help you during a match, they might as well watch the match on TV. I also think the rule about not wearing headphones courtside is a stupid rule. I love listening to my iPod. It helps psyche me up.

ACE: Which player did you most admire when you were growing up?

Andy Murray: Andre Agassi. Remember when he had really long hair? I had a hat like his with fake blonde hair coming out of the back. And I had the denim shorts with the pink cycling shorts underneath. My mum might still have them. She said she was going to keep them. I hope she didn't - they were really bad.

ACE: What are you most likely to complain about in a hotel?
Andy Murray: I hate it when there's no air-conditioning and if there's not enough TV channels. And I don't  like it if the TV doesn't fit my PlayStation - I always take it with me. My favourite games are Pro Evolution Soccer  and Fight Night 2, a new boxing game.

ACE: What annoys you most about your job?
Andy Murray: I love playing tournaments but I don't really like practising. I always try my hardest to win tournaments because if you lose them then you have to practise for four or five days.

ACE: Favourite films, music and books?
Andy Murray: Film: The comedy The Girl Next Door. It's absolutely hilarious. It's a bit like American Pie but I think it's funnier. Music: Eminem. I don't just like him for his music. I've seen his movies as well. 8 Mile is one of my favourite movies as well. You see how hard it was for him growing up. What he had to go through. I think he deserved eveything he has now. Book: I don't really read much. The last book I read was Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

ACE: Is it correct you prefer not to have your Mum courtside during your matches?
Andy Murray: I don't really like anybody that I know watching except my coach. If your family and friends come to see you, you feel you have to go out for a meal with them, you have to go to see them afterwards and you have to give them match tickets. It's quite difficult when all you want do is concentrate on your tennis.

ACE: You recently played doubles at the Aberdeen Cup with your brother Jamie. Can we see a future Davis Cup team there?

Andy Murray: I'm 90 per cent sure Jamie will be the (Davis Cup) doubles player in a few years. The way he reads the game in doubles - he's really fast at the net, he's got great volleys and really good feel. He just needs to work on his serve a bit.

ACE: Is it difficut playing doubles with your older brother?
Andy Murray: We do argue on court a little bit because because returns are the best part of my game and he volleys better. So when I miss volleys he gets a bit annoyed and when he misses returns I get a bit annoyed. We sometimes get angry with each other. I don't know if Jamie feels a bit nervous playing with me or telling me what to do, because of our ranking difference. But he's got more experience than me in doubles. When he starts to get better, once his ranking goes up, he'll be the one who calls the shots in our doubles team.
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that was a great interview, loved reading it! as for the pink cycling shorts and the wig thing!!!!!!!!! roflmao i am still laughing now roflmao
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Thanks Mark. That's a great interview!!!
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Can imagine a small Andy wearing an Agassi wig with hat roflmao
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we should invent a fred-perry cap complete with Andy wig! roflmao  roflmao
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