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Andy will wear under armour. Under armourray


Thank you, I forgotten about Head, but I agree with you that UA is a greater issue.  Apart from anything else, maybe there's something in his contract that would make it more difficult for him to break it now?  If so it'll be interesting to see what he does when the contract comes to an end , although that won't be until December 2018, by which time things could have changed either with UA or with himself.

I guess we'll see in 2018 what happens. A lot of Andy's fans were left pretty disappointed by his response to the question at the O2 last year. Though I do think the journalist should have framed the question better and pushed Andy on it rather more than they did.

Pity UA sucks so much in this respect, Andy's USO kit looks fairly decent this year. They had to get some grey in there somehow though!

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