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Predictions please
Murray in 3
Murray in 4
Murray in 5
Djokovic in 3
Djokovic in 4
Djokovic in 5

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AO 2013 F: Andy Murray [3] vs Novak Djokovic [1]


I think that semi at the AO was brilliant, not just because of how Andy played, but because there definitely seemed to be an atmosphere between the two of them. It made for an exciting match.

Agree with that. It helped that Andy was always ahead - might have been less enjoyable otherwise!
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remember watching the final and at the last few sets this is what I heard
BBC Commentary: of course its not affecting his movement
Murrays World people: that's relay affecting his movement

lol two completely different views Smile
I remember that too, but in fairness to the BBC comms Andy did seem to be moving OK.  I was posting occasionally but not always reading other people's comments, so don't know what the MWers concerned were saying.
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Reflecting on the Australian Open, Murray was content with his performance in Melbourne but believes the missed opportunity to beat Roger Federer in four sets in the semi-final might have proved costly in the final.

He said: "You analyse the tournament as a whole; overall I think I played well.

"There were a few things I could've done a little better in the final, also the semi-final as well. I maybe could've made it easier on myself and not had a long five-setter.

"I had a chance to serve for the match in the fourth set, didn't play a particularly good tie-breaker after that."
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