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Who will win?
Murray in 3 - 19 (50%)
Murray in 4 - 15 (39.5%)
Murray in 5 - 0 (0%)
Verdasco in 3 - This one's for you, Julia Wink - 0 (0%)
Verdasco in 4 - 2 (5.3%)
Verdasco in 5 - 2 (5.3%)
Total Voters: 38

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AO R4 : Murray vs Verdasco


I concede that I should have not been so confident with saying that more colds happen in winter due to the temperature drop, as the alternative theory from your source seems very plausible.

After a bit of research it's clear that my assumption about Andy was harsh - I shouldn't have used the word "probably". Although a lowered resistance can often be the factor that allows the cold to succeed in its attack, I understand that in many cases our resistance is futile.

Surprised to see no evidence that generally being cold makes you more susceptible to catching a cold... I can't remmeber a time where I have had a cold and it didn't immediately follow me being uncomfortably cold at some point on the previous day. I admit this could be a coincidence but every time I get a cold, it's almost always been a combination of being cold with higher sugar intake than usual and obviously being around someone with the cold Think

You don't catch a cold because you are cold lol That's one of the biggest myths going. Cold viruses just thrive better in the lower temperatures.
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I think we'll look back on this after the fortnight finishes as a brave effort from Andy. Nando might be another surprise finalist who has put Andy out.

Well done to Nando, missed the match, two aggressive baseliners are always good to watch, good tennis being played?
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You don't catch a cold because you are cold lol
Never said you did.

I was saying it can be one of several factors behind eventually succumbing to the attack. My theory was being cold lowers your resistance and we know that when your resistance is lowered your immune system struggles and naturally that can sometimes leave you more vulnerable to attack from certain colds.

No point debating over this again, I've come to an understanding already in this thread. I learnt a couple of things, conceded a couple of points and clarified and stood by some others.
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