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Box clever and you might find a future champion out there


The bit about Murray:

Quote from: "The Telegraph"
I only mention this because of the interview that Judy Murray gave the morning after the night her son went from being a much-touted, highly promising tennis player to suddenly becoming a serious contender on the world stage. Asked about his victory in the ATP tournament final against Lleyton Hewitt, she remarked that five years ago Andy would sit down and watch the Australian on television, and would then explain to her exactly how he would beat the former world No 1 when the opportunity arose. Plenty of sliced balls to bring Hewitt into the net and pass him down the line, because that's where he was most vulnerable.

And so it came to pass that on Sunday night in San Jose, the 13-year-old television watcher became Hewitt's 18-year-old executioner playing the very same tactic he'd settled on five years earlier, while deciding whether or not to do his chemistry homework.

Can you actually teach that kind of innate ability to read and understand a game, or does it come somehow, somewhere from within. Can you teach that kind of focus? That kind of desire. That inner belief that one day you will - not might - be on the other side of the court to Hewitt, teeing off with Woods, lining up alongside Lampard, be next out of the gates after Bode Miller. Maybe you can't. Maybe that's what makes Murray exceptional. But maybe you can. In which case I suggest you start tonight.

There's no time to waste if your teenage offspring are to be 2012 Olympians. Demand a 1,000-word essay on the final whistle, analysing the midfield battle between Chelsea and Barcelona. Insist on a dissertation explaining fully the role of the brake-man in a four-man bob. And if they moan, point out all the pictures of Andy Murray across acres of newsprint today and ask them if they don't fancy a bit of that kind of action. But if the essays aren't up to much, then revert to plan B. Chemistry. I gather there's a shortage of scientists.

Wow, that's amazing he showed so much tactical awareness at a young age.

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