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Outcome?  (Voting closed: February 16, 2009, 12:42 am)
Murray in 2 - 4 (28.6%)
Murray in 3 - 8 (57.1%)
Nadal in 2 - 0 (0%)
Nadal in 3 - 2 (14.3%)
Total Voters: 14

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Rotterdam F: Murray vs Nadal


Well I doubt he will win anything come the clay season, but, realistically, he could very easily win 2 of the 3 upcoming tournaments. Might be a bit much to expect him to win both IW and Miami. But I suppose the longer he keeps the run going, the more momentum he will gain. Hopefully no titles for Djoko in that time and he'll be ahead of him in this regard (and simply in the overall titles race between those two). Where does Andy rank for overall number of titles on the entire tour? Or, rather, how many players have won 10 or more, I wonder. He could win an incredible amount this year. I think he should be looking at at least 3 Masters (one from each hard court double header, never mind the WTF, or if he wins two in a row), and probably 4 or 5 250/500S. Anything at the Slams is a bonus then, though I'm sure we'll expect a big challenge at the US. What's interesting to me is that Andy seems to be playing only 4 500s this year, with about 4 or 5 250s scheduled. I expect he'll drop some of them later in the season, but I'd have thought he'd be targeting more 500s. As it is, he would have to win all of the ones he's entered to have the full quota, whereas he will have 250s to spare. He could have the 250s wrapped up at Queens, so I wonder if he will still enter St. Petersburg, etc.
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Federer - 57
Nadal - 32
Roddick - 26
Hewitt - 26
Moya - 20
Safin - 15
Davydenko - 14
Djokovic - 11
Gonzalez - 11
Haas - 11
Ferrero - 11
Murray - 10
Nalbandian - 10
Blake - 10

That's what I got from a quick browse through the rankings. There's probably someone I'm overlooking. Really impressive for Andy, though. As many as Nalbandian and Blake already, and it obviously won't be long until he passes Gonzalez, Haas, Ferrero and, I suppose, Djokovic. I would expect him to pass Safin and Davydenko by season end, too. Moya next season, which leaves Hewitt and Roddick within distance. I think it's quite realistic to think that he will be ranked 3rd overall come the start of 2011 at age 23! Only possible prevention of that is Roddick racking up a load of titles between now and then, which I think is unlikely. It would be interesting to see lots more stats on this, ages when players reach a certain milestone, how many in history, etc. Really fun to think about! Anyone dare to predict how many Andy will take over his entire career? How many Nadal or Fed will end with? I'm going to try and list Masters Series, though I imagine that's much easier to obtain.
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He better beat Novak!!
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