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The Murray and Djokovic Era?


The thing about Berdych, or any other "bad match up", is that it is just more annoying and frustrating to lose to a player who is lower in the rankings than one who is higher, so those losses haunt us more.

An obvious issue is that sometimes it means an earlier exit than seedings predict, but generally it's just that losing to someone higher in the rankings is undesirable, but more honourable, and you don't get the press saying stuff, or other fans calling you an idiot.  Actually, those things still happened if Andy lost in the semis of a slam when seeded 3rd or 4th, but not as much as if losing to a perfectly talented person playing better on the day.

Hopefully Ivan and Andy will have been watching how Nole takes on Berdych and get some pointers.   But at the end of the day, tennis is not just about the higher ranked, or generally better player beating the lower ranked one, or there wouldn't be much point in having all of these tournaments on different surfaces etc.

Andy did have an advantage in the US Open in that he was able to adapt his game better to the wind, but I recall him saying that when the wind dropped, he felt he was slower than Nole to re-adapt his game to the calmer conditions, so it works both ways. 

I like it, really. Though I probably never want Andy to meet Berdych in a GS, I like the match-up issues otherwise. It's so unpredictable and adds so much variety and uncertainties that it makes any tournament of great interest. Things would be so boring otherwise. 90s had seen many, many match-up issues.

But in all fairness, I thought Berdych did a great favour to Andy by taking Federer out in the qtr, because despite the wind, Berdych wasn't going to pull the cat twice out of his bag and he was going to get a bit too comfortable after the win over Federer. Federer, on the other hand, would have given another shot had he survived as he believes in his abilities and it was a GS after all, so it basically worked out for Andy. Beating both Federer and Nole in succession in a Slam would have been a much tougher job. This was the reason why I watched Berdych vs Federer with great interest, as not only it had the potential for an upset but also, it was going to work in Andy's favour and it did.

I did think Andy was going to win the USO regardless but that was more of a gut feeling.
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